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By Dave Scherer on 2019-05-07 10:00:00

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What would the WWE Women's Division be like without Triple H and Stephanie's influence?

I think it would be different, for sure.  I would hope that in 2019 someone else would have seen that women are athletes and should be treated as such but thankfully we will never have to wonder if that is the case or not.

A couple of years ago, fans & the internet were buzzing about speculate of ‘Glorious’ Bobby Roode and ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy being part of WWE TV. Roode was KILLING it in NXT and Hardy had re-invented himself so well that he was a world champion and completely over. Both Roode and Hardy eventually came to the WWE main roster, with the characters fans wanted to see, yet bombed. Why?

I would counter than neither guy was really the character that people wanted to see, especially in Matt’s case.  The WWE version was very watered down from the Impact version.  In Roode’s case, he was never given a good push so it really doesn’t matter what his character says if he doesn’t get wins.

Can it be that Bray Wyatt has gone mad, and what we're seeing is what's happening in his head? The puppets could be manifestations of wrestlers that will return with him (perhaps Nikki Cross and Erik Young)? I think Bray works best with a stable of crazies and with Harper and Rowan out of the picture, maybe they're setting up a return of a different kind? If nothing else this is really intriguing.

I would be fine with that.  Obviously the character is being played as if he’s a bit out there.  It will be interesting to see where it goes.

We all know and understand that money talks, and Saudi money talks loudest with respect to WWE booking legends to return to the ring for the Saudi events.  Considering all the well-documented issues with running events in Saudi Arabia, and the seemingly lackluster and largely disinterested Saudi live crowd, do you have any issue that the return of guys like Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, and Goldberg happen at the Saudi shows and not at a more traditional North American or European location?  Looking it as a fan, do you have any resentment that the Saudi crowd gets to see these returning legends, and we don't? 

I have never had that feeling of resentment.  To me, WWE is a TV product and as long as they air those appearances on TV, which they do, I don’t care what the location of the show is.  Now, if you asked me if I had a problem with those talents appearing in Saudi Arabia, well that is a different question altogether!

We know that Mike Trout is the highest-paid player in Major League Baseball. We now know that Russell Wilson is the highest-paid player in the NFL. My question: Who is the highest-paid performer in the WWE?

WWE doesn’t release that information but on a per match/appearance basis, without a doubt it’s Brock Lesnar.

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