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By Dave Scherer on 2019-05-06 10:00:00

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I've seen you guys get and answer multiple questions about WWE's recent ratings and stock drop.  You suggested WWE needs to completely shake up creative.  I agree, but with everything always going through Vince who's on the creative team doesn't seem to matter much.  Ultimately Vince has to realize the problem is HIS way of doing things.  As for a question.  Isn't the answer right under Vince's nose with how HHH books NXT?  Vince comes across as a work harder not smarter kinda guy in the booking department and nothing is ever his fault.

When I say Creative needs a facelift, I am talking about Vince.  We get the product we get because it’s what he wants to give us.  He could have the best writers in the world. If he edits their work into garbage, it will be garbage.  I agree with the last statement.  He doesn’t see it as his fault. It’s the fans’ fault for not appreciating what he sees as great creative.  I don’t think he works smarter or harder.  Smarter would be accepting that he needs to change his philosophy.  Harder would be not feeding us the same stuff over and over.

As bad as is it for WWE to be getting shaky in ratings, isn't it actually worse for AEW?  Besides the old adage "a rising tide lifts all boats" (which is acutely accurate for the wrestling business), AEW is looking for a television and distribution deal and as tough as that was going to be in any case, their biggest pitch -- "Wrestling is a guaranteed hit" -- is now less convincing than ever.   While they can try to pitch "There is still an audience, they just don't like WWE," isn't it more likely that a network executive is going to think, "Well, looks like the pro wrestling fad is fading away, so it's not worth spending money on."  I'm just wondering about some of the fans thinking "Good!  I'm glad WWE is having trouble because that will give AEW and ROH a chance."  I think they're totally wrong.  Shouldn't AEW and its fans -- or any wrestling group looking for a high profile outlet -- be hoping and praying for WWE's popularity to be going through the roof?  

I get what the AEW fans are thinking, “Wow, this great alternative will be guaranteed an audience because so many people are disgruntled” but that is not how it usually works.  Most WWE fans just watch WWE, not the other brands.  They want to follow the established leader.  So I agree with you, the more people that are watching now regularly, the more eyeballs that could end up on AEW’s product.  Most of the time people that have moved on don’t come back.

So, with ratings being down, when is Vince McMahon going to open the bank vault and pay Brock Lesnar what he’s worth to appear regularly and turn these ratings around?

Uh, no. One Brock doesn’t want to work a full time schedule, he has made that clear.  Two, it’s not like ratings went through the roof when he appeared.

Do you see Brock getting the Universal title back from Seth Rollins in Saudi Arabia to become the first ever 3 time champion and have another lengthy reign?

Only if Vince McMahon totally loses his mind.

Is the Dana White comment of Brock Lesnar retiring a work?

Since Brock still hasn’t entered the testing pool, I doubt it. Plus he has no reason to lie to the UFC supporters.

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