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By Dave Scherer on 2019-05-05 10:00:00

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Am I the only one who has noticed lately the term "Right here right now" is used on almost every Raw and Smackdown. Is someone on the writing team in love with that term?

I will look into that, right here, right now!  It probably is someone enamored with the term.

I just saw the video the former Dean Ambrose (Mox) posted online.  Sure seemed like something that was produced by someone with good production facilities, and not just a wrestler with a camcorder, didn’t it?

You know, technology is such now that camera equipment is so, so good.  I have a friend that dabbles in it and he makes professional looking videos with a relatively cheap camera.  Beyond that, Ambrose lives in the Las Vegas market. There are a LOT of facilities around town that do that kind of thing.  The video was fantastic.

I get the whole “veteran on the way out puts over the younger guys” thing, but isn’t it time for that to be a thing of the past in some situations?  The fans are now smart enough to realize every TV match is going to end with younger guys defeating the older veteran team.  Or in the case of Angle’s retirement match, there was not one person watching that match that wanted to see Corbin win (except maybe Corbin’s mother), even if that outcome was the “time-honored tradition”.

I think it needs to be judged on a case by case basis.  In the case of Dean Ambrose, I get why they did it.  Why not try to weaken him if you think he is jumping to AEW?  In the case of Corbin?  Well, one person did want to see him win, Vince McMahon.  In the case of Angle, he’s old school so I would bet he is fine with it.

Am I imagining it, or do some of the WWE “performers” actually read off cue cards when they’re doing backstage promos?  I could swear I have seen some of them staring at something in the past like they’re reading their lines.

Generally it would be a teleprompter.  Cue cards is very 1980s. 

Apparently, judging by the latest RAW ratings, I’m not the only one that can’t take it anymore and has quit watching.  I know they have new huge TV contracts coming up, so they won’t be cutting down on the number of hours of new content they put out, so that means the quality has to improve.  How long do you see the networks being okay with declining ratings/subpar content before they step in?  As you’ve said numerous times, Vince isn’t getting the message!

Vince is not, that’s for sure.  The sad thing is he knows there is a problem.  He went on TV in December and talked about it.  But, he doesn’t realize the problem is him and his creative vision.  It got him where he is today, but it’s becoming more and more antiquated in 2019.  He needs to make changes and keep up with the times.  If numbers keep falling, I think he will be hearing from NBC sooner rather than later.  He may even start hearing from FOX too.

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