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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-03 10:00:00

Where has Big Show been?  I know they announced he signed a new deal but then he was with the Bar and then he disappeared!  What's up with this guy?

Big Show is still under contract to the company and has been doing some community outreach appearances for them.  He had taken some time off to film a recurring role for the Syfy series Happy in New York City and will likely pop up when creative has something for him.

How many times in a row is Sami Zayn going to say the same thing?

As often as WWE wants him to.

Any chance of CM Punk working AEW Double or Nothing as a surprise?

Punk is currently booked to do commentary on an MMA show that night.  If he's there, he won't be in Vegas.

It seems like there is a big recurrence of wrestling books coming out - Al Snow, Rocky Johnson, Vader, Sabu, even Hornswoggle!  If the business' ratings are dropping so bad, how can there be any interest in these books?

You are talking apples and oranges.  The books will be sold and read, most likely, by the most diehard fans, who aren't going anywhere anytime soon (I HOPE) while the ratings are a measurement of how many Nielsen homes who are wired for that station actively chose to watch those shows that evening.  It's not the same thing in the least.

Rich Swann announced yesterday he was going to sign a new Impact deal.  Are their deals guaranteed money like WWE at this point?

It's possible some of them are, but most of the deals we have heard of only provide a certain pay scale per booking with no guarantee of dates.  Some of the main event talents might get guarantees, but the vast majority of the roster gets paid by the booking and the contract locked in their exclusivity with Impact to prevent them from going to WWE.

Could WWE or AEW use Eli Drake on national TV without signing him?

I suppose they could, if their legal team signed off on it.  I am guessing Impact would take issue with it though.

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