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By Mike Johnson on 2019-05-02 10:00:00

With the ratings dropping and the stock drop, what does WWE do?

They need to realize from Vince McMahon down they need to be accountable.  The show that aired this past Monday was so monotonous and boring that I fell asleep, sitting up, watching it.  They need to acknowledge that they've gone too far down one path, that it isn't "talent being out" that caused the issue (because why would the numbers keep dropping with Roman and others returning?) and that creative, as it exists, needs to completely reworked.  When you have TV audience drops at the level WWE has, that's not the result of one talent disappearing, it's a result of the actual product being completely out of touch with the viewing audience, and I say that as someone who really looks for the positive in the product to the point others here at the site routinely think I am insane.  If I am WWE, I would hire a bunch of brand new, young writers and let them go all at it with trying to create something different.  What's the worst that could happen?  A different feel for the show?  Unfortunately, the last time that was really allowed was during the Monday Night War.  What WWE presents right now is a repetitive version of what we've seen forever.  They sincerely need to shake things to the core, not just change which night the talents are seen.  Trying to get the same fans to pay a higher premium for tickets or a revamped WWE Network doesn't address the issues.  Taking talents who get over in a certain way in NXT and then completely diluting them when they come to the main roster is not going to make fans embrace the product, either.  They need to appeal to their core audience by giving them a reason to get more engaged and to bring others into the company.  The current vision is just running on a treadmill and the audience is jumping off.  Whether WWE is willing to acknowledge that will be an interesting story to follow.  

You wrote about several recent creative hirings, but I was wondering about podcaster and writer Dave Schilling, who announced he was going to work for WWE Creative on Twitter but is back writing about WWE on websites.  What happened?

We are told Schilling was let go after an extremely short time with the company.  One source told me that Schilling publicly announcing he was hired by the company may have put him in a bad light before he started.  That's unfortunate, if true.  

There are indy companies promoting Rhyno is working for them soon but I thought he was still with WWE?

His current deal expires this July.

Why is Tyler Breeze back working in NXT?

Career longevity?  He'll be far better used there and there's been no sign that he'll have a role anytime soon on the main roster until Fandango returns.  Why NOT work in NXT?

I read somewhere that late comedian Patrice O'Neal worked for WWE?  Is this true?

Yes, he was on the creative team for a short time.  He was let go when he had a stand up gig and chose that over his WWE commitments.  He once told the story on Opie & Anthony about Stephanie McMahon firing him over the phone and he shrugged at it, as comedians and writers do when its time to move onto the next gig, leading to Stephanie calling him back and firing him again on the phone, trying to convey the seriousness of the situation, which O'Neil found hilarious.

Why is Sam Roberts now on commentary?

I was told they really liked the heel reaction he got when he buried Bianca Belair and now they are exploring that when he's used,

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