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By Dave Scherer on 2019-04-29 10:00:00

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In many audios Dave has jokingly said that we should hope the XFL is insanely successful, so it would take Vince's attention away from booking WWE, while, hopefully, giving more power to Hunter and his team.  My question is, has the booking gotten as bad as it is now, at least in part, because Vince is distracted by the XFL, and he's still convinced that he can do both at once?  While I won't deny that bad booking has been a problem in WWE for years now, it's gotten really bad in the last six, or so, months, and, at the same time, preparations for the XFL have seemingly been ramping up.

Everyone I have talked to has said that isn’t it.  A few sources have said that as the ratings dropped late last year, Vince has been more determined than ever to right the aspects of the ship that need it.  As we saw this past week, with both the First Quarter Earnings call and the massive drop in the Raw audience from hour one to hour three, he has some work to do.

Becky Lynch has been noticeably absent or “toned down” on Twitter lately and her last few posts have indicated that she is being silenced... any word on what’s going on backstage with some superstars calling and/or implying her as a bully. Is there “heat” or is it part of the storyline? 

The anger on Twitter was about hyping the Mania match.  That’s over now so that hype has ended.  

I saw a story reported on another site that said Bray Wyatt's new gimmick may already be dead due to the stockholders taking issue with it.  Supposedly they don't feel it's PG.  Is it just me or is WWE one of the most hypocritical companies in existence?  The inconsistency of their "PG" stance is ridiculous.  There's countless examples I could give of them crossing their own imaginary line but obviously you guys already know.  Fingers crossed AEW gets a good TV deal.

I can’t say that it is dead but the one thing that they have to do is be cognizant of what Wall Street and their partners are saying.  Their stock took a big beating last week.  They have to listen when they catch criticism, with that said there is nothing in Wyatt’s gimmick I see as being an issue.

I noticed that Kevin Owens got tattoos on his arm my question is does he need permission to do that.

The company expects talents to confer with them before making changes to their look so in almost all cases, they at least have to have a conversation before doing it.

After 2 so-called shakeups, Baron Corbin still remains a focal point of RAW for reasons I cannot comprehend. What does Vince McMahon see in Corbin that the rest of the world doesn't, and does anyone else share this opinion inside WWE?

I can’t speak for Vince, nor would I.  He sees something he likes.  And I have always thought that Corbin is solid.  I enjoyed how he was presented in NXT.  But his character in WWE has left something to be desired.  As usual, it all comes down to creative.

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