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By Mike Johnson on 2019-04-27 10:00:00

Can you explain the backstory of New York Post writer Phil Mushnick's issues with the WWF in the mid 90s and how it lead to Jim Cornette cutting that passionate promo against him on the October 13, 1997 edition of Raw?

Phil Muschnick was a columnist for the New York Post who took WWE to task for things that he felt were horrible about pro wrestling at the time - steroid use, the death of wrestlers and other issues on a regular basis.  He really hammered professional wrestling hard to the point it ended up there were some legal maneueverings. WWE obviously felt he was being unfair to them, and Cornette shot back at him on that episode of Raw as he was doing a segment where he would rant about things he hated - he was angry that Muschnick called for WWF and WCW to shut down.  He wasn't the only one, as after Brian Pillman died and Muschnick scorched WWF for his death under their employ, Vince McMahon called him a "self-righteous, egotistical, miserable son of a bitch" on Monday Night Raw.

Is it true John Morrison is the one who got Ralph Macchio in shape for the new Karate Kid t-show?

I do not believe that is accurate.

Do you think Dean Malenko is AEW-bound?  Have you heard anything about why he quit?

It's possible.  He certainly would be an asset to anyone that hired him.  The word going around yesterday was that there was something at the TV taping this past Tuesday that upset Malenko but there was no clear word as to what it was and those we spoke to yesterday were surprised he quit as he gave no foreshadowing of that over his final loop with the company.

Can you explain this new Bray Wyatt angle?

I think the idea is to take something that is supposed to be soothing and fun and make it creepy.  Maybe.  I really don't know.

A few weeks ago, Drake Maverick worked a dark match with EC3.  Any chance they put them together?

I hope so.  They have great chemistry.  I'd actually take the recent EC3 losses and have him use them as a reason to go on a journey to find a mentor...and then it is the former Spud.  Then they can push the duo, hopefully, from there.

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