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By Dave Scherer on 2019-04-22 10:00:00

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How long do you think Becky will remain a dual champ?? Do you think they will have her drop the secondary belt (Smackdown) in a match, or will she relinquish it and they’d have a tournament or Battle Royal??

As long as Vince wants her to stay champ.  It’s up to him and I wouldn’t even hazard a guess at his booking.  My take is it should be for a while.  I think she needs to hold it at least through SummerSlam and I don’t want to see her lose either Title quickly.  I say let her hold both belts for a while.  Maybe set up a big Title match for the first Smackdown on FOX.  They need to do something to jack that first show up.

The Superstar Shakeup has moved AJ Styles, among others, to Monday Night Raw. The thing is, for the upcoming European tour, they are supposed to get "SmackDown Live" and they have been advertising for months now, with posters with AJ Styles front and center, the Miz and a few other on the picture, which have been displayed all over town for weeks. Obviously, "Card subject to change", but even on their website they still promote that line up. So, my question is: Do they keep the advertised line up for the tours that happen shortly after a "shakeup", or do they implement the changes right away, and people will get completely different people than on the ads? I know a few people that would be pretty disappointed not to be able to finally see the Phenomenal One live, after seeing him on posters everywhere (myself included!)

All I can tell you is watch the advertisements.  That is how you will know what they plan on doing.  

Since Brock Lesnar left during Wrestlemania, what is the status of Paul Heyman?

Heyman has an office job with WWE now.  He has been working in creative when not seconding Brock to the ring.  Plus, Brock isn’t necessarily gone either.  

So, I get it's wrestling, and not everything needs to make 100% sense all of the time, and there can be a suspension of disbelief when it comes to some things, but doesn't someone backstage raise and hand and say "Hey can we provide like 20 seconds of explanation on where the moves in the Superstar Shakeup are coming from?" There doesn't necessarily need to be a GM or authority figure, just make it "random" luck of the draw, or SOME kind of explanation of where the moves are coming from besides just "AJ's on Raw now because we say so"? We don't ask much, and we'll go with whatever you come up with, but just give us something for the sake of the story, eh? That just feels like a pretty major hole to me.  

From your mouth to Vince’s ears.  I would say God’s ears, but Vince beat him on PPV.  Seriously, I am with you.  One of WWE’s biggest problems is not explaining things.  Some stuff they can ignore but they ignore too much that should be explained to the audience.

Please please please tell me why WWE destroyed EC3 in a segment with Braun strowman on this week's Raw??

I wish I could, I really do.  They have used him ridiculously badly since calling him up from NXT.  I have no idea why they are wasting him the way that they are.  It must be a Vince McMahon decision.

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