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By Dave Scherer on 2019-04-21 10:00:00

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So for every (so and so) people complain doesn’t deserve to be in the WWE hall of fame, you get a speech like The Godfather’s,

So happy to be there, that’s lets you understand the why, certain perhaps “undercard” guys get in. Question for you is, is there anyone you never really thought would get in, but when they did, you were just that happy for them; or someone you were jay happy got the nod you didn’t think would?

I am happy for everyone that gets in.  They get feted and a ring and get recognition for their work. I learned early on that the Hall isn’t like a sports Hall, so I don’t set that kind of criteria on inductions.  Whoever they put in, I am fine with.  It’s their Hall to do what they choose with.

Why do you think AEW has decided to hold its big pay-per-view events on Saturdays rather than Sundays? Just asking because I'm so used to having wrestling PPV's on Sunday nights.

I am not sure why but I think it’s a good idea.  Big fights and UFC shows happen on Saturday nights.  More people have off on Sundays than Mondays, so I like the idea of putting the shows on Saturday night.  As we saw with WrestleMania, a 12:30 ending on the east coast makes people tired for work on Mondays.  So AEW has a blank canvas.  I like that they are trying Saturdays for their shows.

So it seems that the state of Ohio is in overdrive with wrestlers lately. I'm from Ohio originally, now in Wisconsin the last 13 years. I go back with WWE since 85 and don't remember this many coming from Ohio ever. In fact the only veterans I could think of was Danny Davis, Randy Savage and The Genius. Now in the past few years we have had Abyss, Alexa Bliss, Dean Ambrose, Dana Brooke, Dolph Ziggler, Ec3, Johnny Gargano, Chris Hero, Miz, Madison Rayne, and Matt Cross. I was wondering why it has exploded? Is there a good training school there...was it from OVW, etc? Any other "old timers"? 

There are some schools there for sure but I think it’s more coincidence than anything else.

All the time on commentary, during a match, one of the commentators will say something like "I had to chance to talk to Wrestler X, earlier today, and he/she told me their strategy for this match/what they think of the opponent/etc."  Kind of a stupid question, but I'm just wondering, does the wrestler in question, whoever it is, know they supposedly talked to the commentator and/or what they supposedly said, or it is news to them if/when they ever hear the commentary?

Generally, they know.  They go over their segments and are told what the build and commentary will be.  There are times when a commentator will say something to pop the talent, but that usually isn’t the case.

Do the NXT guys that get sent to EVOLVE deem it a demotion or are they happy to go?

For the most part they are happy to help out EVOLVE.  It doesn’t affect their NXT standing at all.  In fact, they are usually sent because of where they are in NXT.

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