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By Mike Johnson on 2019-04-20 11:43:00

Drew McIntyre missed last night’s live event due to travel issues.    The word among talents is he had a travel day from hell and tried all day to make the show but faced flight problems at every turn.  One talent joked that it had to be "horrible" if Drew missed a show.  He will appear on the remainder of the live events this weekend.  Jinder Mahal substituted for McIntyre last night.

Aiden English is starting to take convention bookings.  He is scheduled for the 6/1 Legends of the Ring convention in Monroe, NJ, likely a sign that he’s signed a full-time announcer’s contract with WWE as talent contracts don't allow for such bookings.

Beth Phoenix will indeed be wrestling on the forthcoming European tour, as reported was talked about earlier this month.

Alexander Wolfe is in Glasgow for the NXT UK TV tapings.  We are seeking NXT UK TV reports.

WWE filed new trademark applications for the term "RKO" on 3/29.

The Triple H comments that were obviously shots at AEW at the WWE Hall of Fame have been edited off the VOD replay of the event on the WWE Network.

The Charleston Post-Courier featured an interview with Lacey Evans at this link.

Chelsea Green posted the following on Twitter regarding the broken wrist she suffered while making her Full Sail Live debut for NXT:

WWE released the following video:


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