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By Mike Johnson on 2019-04-20 10:00:00

What's the latest on Eli Drake and Impact?  You reported he was fired but there he was on TV last night.    Good job.

Well, it was a good job.  The story is and was correct.  The TV was taped before he was fired.  The latest is that Drake is terminated under an alleged breach of contract.  Unless that is resolved, while he could wrestle on the independent level, he could not sign a deal to return to national TV for another company.  I have been told that usually, such a breach in an Impact deal would mean he's iced for a year.  Drake could go to court and challenge the breach, proving he never actually breached the deal or getting a court to rule he's free from it, but that would require putting money into a legal fight.  Drake hasn't commented publicly on the situation - nor should he - so there's no word on his intentions going forward.

Do you think that the “Eric” and “Ibar” names given the erstwhile War Raiders were inspired by Minnesota Twins’ infielder Erick Aybar?

It's quite possible and wouldn't be the first time that a WWE character is named after a sports figure - see Kenny Dykstra.

I haven’t been able to find much online about the Grand Wizard, and really the most comprehensive account of his life I’ve found was in Superstar Billy Graham’s book, where he was highly complimentary of the Wizard. Are there any books or dvd’s that would have any information about him? And, what are your thoughts on his career and legacy?

I actually just spoke quite a bit with Gary Michael Cappetta about the Grand Wizard Ernie Roth.  You can find it in our Elite section.  Roth was very much liked within the business and was so trusted by Vince McMahon Sr. that when McMahon wasn't home in Florida, Roth would go to his house to get the mail and go through it to help facilitate business.  He was a very good talker and performer as a heel for his era and had he not passed away, certainly would have been involved in a major way behind the scenes as WWE expanded nationally.  I don't know of any reference materials to go deeper into his life and career, but he'd be a great subject for a book.

You mentioned India was Impact's best revenue maker.  What happens if the deal ends?

Anthem would have a very solemn day and would have to re-evaluate what they want to do with Impact going forward.  Let's hope they never hit that wall.

Who is MadMan Fulton on Impact?

Former WWE NXT star Sawyer Fulton.


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