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By Mike Johnson on 2019-04-18 12:10:00

There was a telephone conference on Monday 4/15 with the Judge overseeing the Anthem vs. Jeff Jarrett lawsuit where all involved were told to continue trying to work towards a settlement.

Keith Mitchell, who had long been involved in the production end here, is no longer with the company as he’s taken a full-time job with All Elite Wrestling to head their production.  Kevin Sullivan heads up production.  Andrew Thomas directs the shows, replacing Michael Vettor who ended his stint as director at the end of the year.

Josh Mathews is said to be shouldering a massive amount of weight behind the scenes these days, taking over much of what used to be Sonjay Dutt’s responsibilities.

The 5/5 Code Red event in Jamaica, Queens being presented in conjunction with House of Glory has sold out first row.   For ticket information, visit

Mahabali Shera being brought back is obviously to give the company’s India TV partner SONY Six a new personality on the series.  The India TV deal is far and away the company’s number one revenue source, so obviously they want it to remain as healthy as possible.

Kevin Matthews' deal expired on 3/4.  He turned down bookings for the last set of TV tapings and is focusing on the WrestlePro promotion out of New Jersey.

Former ECW official Greg Bagarozy is no longer with Impact.

Since it’s been a couple of months, I just want to point out how bad it is that The Pursuit Channel, which is partially OWNED by Anthem, still has yet to be able to correct their cable and satellite guide listings to properly show that Impact Wrestling is a two-hour series.  We continue to receive complaints about the issue from readers with different providers and again, this week, on my own provider, Verizon Fios, the series is listed for 30 minutes with 3 replays, which means that if I don’t add time to my DVR (or pay attention enough to care), I’d end up with 30 minutes and nothing more of the show.  I know that Impact management has been well aware of the issue and the channel is slow to respond to requests, but at this point, it’s beyond terrible that nothing has been fixed.  I feel bad for the company as they obviously aren’t getting the proper support from a network that shares the same parent company ownership.


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