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By Mike Johnson on 2019-04-15 14:28:00

The 2019 East Coast Wrestling Association Super 8 tournament will take place this Saturday 4/20 in Philadelphia, PA at South Philadelphia High School, featuring the first-time ever theme that all of the competitors will be second and third generation professional wrestlers.   

The tournament feature Brian Pillman Jr., the son of Brian Pilman, Colby Corino, the son of Steve Corino, Ross Von Erich, the son of Kevin Von Erich, Marshall Von Erich, also the son of Kevin Von Erich, Timothy Zbyszko, the son of Larry Zbyszko, Lance Anoa'i, the son of Sami Anoa'i, Wes Brisco, the son of Gerald Brisco and Leland Race, the son of Harley Race. 

Last week, ECWA official Joe Zanole sat down with to discuss the 2019 Super 8 tournament, the twist of having every competitor being a second and third-generation talent, bringing in the Von Erichs, trying to stand out against a sea of promotions in 2019, Joe's time refereeing for the legendary TWA, the importance of the Cactus Jack vs. Eddie Gilbert feud, dealing with Abdullah the Butcher, the night the PA Commission was going to shut down a show if Joe didn't agree to go to a hospital, who the dark horses in the tournament are this year, why it's harder than ever to discover new talent, ECWA in Philly for the first time and tons more in a fun 57 minute chat.

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