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By Grant Fletcher on 2019-04-15 08:29:00

Wildkat 4/13/19

by Grant Fletcher


This past Saturday night, a score of wrestling fans packed into the Meisler Auditorium in New Orleans, LA to see yet another top-notch wrestling card put on by Wildkat Sports and Entertainment.

Edward King was our ring announcer and master of ceremonies. “Tonight, night is special. Tonight, we introduce the Wildkat take team titles!” King elated as he introduced the Wildkat GM

David Powers who entered the ring to show off the new Wildkat Tag Team Championship belts along with Sammy Kiss. With that King threw to what would be the first match in the inaugural Wildkat Tag Team Classic.

‘The Las Vegas Avengers’ Spyder and Owen Travers’ v ‘Fortune 5,000’ Nathan Bradley and Reginald Gates

Gates and Travers tirelessly went back and forth early on to earn one another's respect. Seeing they were evenly matched they decided to each let their partners have a go. Bradley tried to out-spider Spyder and didn’t look bad doing my so.

Fortune 5,000 piled it on with double team moves, but Travers snuck in a tag and levelled Gates with a spinning heel kick. The Las Vegas Avengers took advantage of the referee’s 5 count to wear out Gates and when a fresh Bradley tagged in it was much the same.

Bradley persevered through it all, disposing of Spyder outside and allowing Gates to tag in for a school boy rollup on Travers for the 3 count.

Winners: Fortune 5,000 via pinfall

This was a fast-paced match with some technicality on display. A fun opener to get the crowd going and leave them wanting more.

'The Showcase’ Scott Phoenix v 'The Standout' Edgrin Stone w/Hardbody Harper

The broad-shouldered goliaths started out by trading fast right hands. Edgrin Stone forged on with a press slam and followed soon thereafter with a running crossbody that hit Scott Phoenix like a head on collision at 80 miles per hour!

Phoenix answered with some stiff shots and a swinging Neckbreaker, but Stone slipped Phoenix's top rope splash. Stone called out, “This is the end!” and finished Phoenix off for the pinfall.

Winner: ‘The Standout' Edgrin Stone via pinfall

Both of these guys are freak athletes. In phenomenal shape and they can move as nimbly as a cat. Pitting these two guys against one another was the perfect move by Wildkat.

Chuck Devine and ‘The Baton Rouge Bullet’ Jace Valor v ‘The Situ-Asian’ Bu Ku Dao and El Saiko Gato

Chuck Devine became frustrated by the referees enforcement of the rules early on and tagged out to Jace Valor. Dao went “old school” on Valor for a top rope walk into a head scissor takedown!

Gato tagged in and outmaneuvered Valor leading up to a cannonball in the corner before Devine tagged in and started brutalizing Gato. Devine and Valor used quick tags to tear away at the constitution of El Saiko Gato. Gato got away with an enziguri to Chuck’s temple allowing the rested Bu Ku Dao to utilize his quick offense against the two.

El Saiko Gato missed a diving senton and Devine went to unmask him as he lay prone, but while Chuck was focused on the task, Gato surprised him with a roll up for the three count.

Winners: ‘The Situ-Asian’ Bu Ku Dao and El Saiko Gato via pinfall

This match had it all. From flashy moves, to brutal strikes. All four are some of the Wildkat faithful’s favorite athletes and the crowd ate up everything they did.

Jordan Jensen v Jesse James

James and Jensen set in chain wrestling and matching each other move-for-move. James fired off some sickeningly loud chops across the chest of Jensen. James had Jensen on his heels until Jensen caught him coming off the top rope for an atomic drop and followed with a tornado DDT.

A spinebuster from James got a 2.75 count and a powerbomb from Jensen got him the same.

Ultimately James would survive the war of attrition with a collision that put Jensen down for the 3.

Winner: Jesse James via pinfall

Chris Cruz and ‘Metalhead Maniac’ Sledge v Curt Matthews and Jared Wayne of ‘Pump Patrol’

Pump Patrol managed to isolate Chris Cruz early on by sending Sledge to the outside. Wayne and Matthews sunk their teeth in on Cruz with The Pumple's Elbow.

Sledge reentered and went on the attack like a wild animal. Sledge and Cruz worked on Wayne for a beat until Matthews tagged back in. Sledge and Matthews went blow-for-blow leading to chaos with both teams in the ring.

A storm of forearms and fists swung back and forth until Chris Cruz found himself on the receiving end of a Flatliner from Matthews, allowing Pump Patrol to pick up the victory.

Winners: Pump Patrol via pinfall

I have to say this was the most physical match of the night with lots of stiff shots and snug slams

‘The Equal Opportunity Ass Kicker’ Ruby Raze v Miranda Alize

Miranda out-quicken Raze early on sending her outside. They brawled on the floor giving Ruby the edge over Miranda. Raze pummeled and clobbered away while Miranda snuck in some rollup attempts and a snap DDT to boot.

A quick Drear Smasher (snap belly-to-back suplex) ended up being the move that sealed the deal for Ruby Raze.

Winner: Ruby Raze via pinfall

These two tore it down and the crowd couldn’t get enough of it.

*Wildkat Revolution Championship*

Jonny Flex v 'Outlaw’ Matt Lancie(c) w/Hardbody Harper

Jonny flew in with some furious forearms before the bell and kept up the pressure with a head scissor takedown and a diving crossbody. Lancie looked like a bear pawing at an angry beehive while Flex slipped his every attempt at a counter.

Lancie caught Flex with a right and commenced to pulverize and stretch the former champ Jonny Flex. ‘The Outlaw’ ate turnbuckle on a spear attempt, but when Flex tried to hoist the champ up onto his shoulders Jonny collapsed. Jonny reversed a hangtime suplex with a snap DDT that left both men laying.

Spurred on by the crowd, Flex fired elbow after elbow into the jaw of Lancie. He put the champ on his back with a diving forearm then lifted Lancie onto his shoulders for a sit out fireman carry slam! Jonny Flex was completely dismayed when the Herculean effort only netted him a 2 count.

Lancie caught his breath just enough to lift Jonny up for Branded (fireman carry into a cutter). A defiant Flex rose to his feet to spit in the face of the champion… just before Lancie speared him for the three count.  

After the match Lancie and Harper grabbed a table from under the ring, and Lancie power bombed Flex straight through it, leaving Jonny Flex nearly lifeless in the corner.

Winner: Matt Lancie via pinfall

Badass match!

'The Hawx Aerie’ Luke and PJ Hawx v 'The Ballard Brothers’ Shannon and Shane Ballard

PJ started by getting the better of both Ballard's in a chain wrestling exchange, then Luke tagged in to bring his own brand of brutality to the match…. which lead to one Ballard with his feet accidentally wedged in the undercarriage of his brother.

The Ballard's regained their breath and began breaking down the fortitude of PJ while stretching the rules of the ring as far as they could. With a bit of teamwork PJ fended off a Boston Crab leaving Luke to contend with both Ballard's for a double suplex and a gnarly powerslam onto the twins!

The gang tactics of the Canada’s Ballards caught up to the elder Hawx though, resulting in a surprise crucifix pin onto Luke for the three-count leaving ‘The Southern Stomper’ aghast in the corner of the ring.

Winners: The Ballard Brothers via pinfall

This match told a great story and I hope to see a rematch between these two teams once the tag tournament is over.

*Wildkat Heavyweight Championship*

'Wildcard' J Spade v Steve Anthony

This feud has gone far beyond strictly business. With Spade and Anthony’s two most recent meetings marred by blatant blown calls from senior official Said Abumasa, it was safe to say that J Spade would do nearly anything to reclaim the Wildkat Heavyweight Championship from Steve Anthony. Be that as it may, David Powers had already stripped Abumasa of his duties in order to ensure this contest was called right down the middle.

Before the start Anthony flipped off the former champ leading to an all-out brawl between the two at the sound of the bell. A visibly angry J Spade took the fight to the champion with a fervor only reserved for his most hated opponents. Spade's corkscrew forearm from the turnbuckle sent Anthony to the outside where Steve was able to turn the tide in his favor.

Anthony superkicked the challenger into a seated chair then followed through with a rolling senton from the apron! Back inside Anthony tried to stretch Spade for a submission, but J Spade escaped to deliver some more hard-hitting offense.

A missile dropkick from Anthony to Spade inadvertently took out the referee leaving us without an official. Anthony had Spade pinned but there was no one there to officially count what the crowd recorded ad a 5 count on Spade.  

To the rescue came Said Abumusa looking for redemption for recent transgressions, or so we thought. A superplex from Spade left both men laying, but when Abumusa was caught administering smelling salts to Anthony the entire referee roster came out leading to a major confrontation.

During the confusion Spade had Anthony pinned twice but Said interfered both times while arguing that he should be the one to count the pinfall. The crowd was out of their seats and near rioting as Anthony to regain his compare and surprised Spade with a suplex that put him down for a 3 count via our original referee who had finally come to.

After the match, Spade had to be restrained by all of the referees and security to keep him from dismembering Abumusa.

Winner: Steve Anthony via pinfall

Great story and great wrestling by both competitors. Both Steve Anthony and J Spade are top notch athletes and this feud has only served to highlight that point.

After the contest GM David Powers emerged to chastise Said Abumusa. Powers tried to fire Said, but he was stopped by J Spade who pleaded with the GM to put the two of them in a match against one another. Powers granted Spade's wish setting a match between the two of them at X-Rated in June.

This card was filled to the brim with wall-to-wall action and lots of good storytelling. I can’t wait to report on Wildkat’s show, X-Rated, this June!

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