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By Kendall Jenkins on 2019-04-14 08:12:00

Most of us who were born in the 1980s or before grew up watching wrestling. It is one sport that is loved by all people alike irrespective of age or gender. Regardless of the fact that it is one of the oldest sports, it still embraces technology advancements in every aspect.

It is no secret that technology has largely revolutionized wrestling. In the 21st century, wrestling is still being practiced far and wide. Modern wrestling trainers/coaches can get access to online manuals that can aid in increased efficiency of training. Fans can now stream online, whenever they are and watch their favorite Wrestlemania free bet with coral matches by just a touch of a button. They do not have to run or stay home glued to the television waiting for their favorite program to start showing.

During matches, technological advancements are seen whereby match co-ordinators can now replay matches so as to ensure fair play and proper scoring is accorded to the athletes.


There has been a growing demand for digital repository sites. These sites provide final results from wrestling tournaments, manage wrestling events and also provide video solutions to wrestling matches. In addition, they have software that allows for a fair ranking of wrestlers.

In spite of all the above attributes, the biggest impact that technological advancements have had on wrestling is the fact that people can now have easier and faster access to breaking news, match results and other relevant information. This has had a significant positive effect on the efficiency of matches. It has also ensured better athlete, trainer and fan experience.

Quite a number of wrestling coaches have embraced technology.  A couple of them have confessed to following major matches online so as to strategize on their next action plan.


In this day and age where digital image is everything, investing in online wrestling videos will have a great impact on online consumer engagement. For the last decade, we have seen videos growing to be an integral part of our lives. The same applies to wrestling and

Taking an example of the Annual Junior World Wrestling Championships, fans are able to go online and stream the matches in real-time.

There are also sites where fans could log in and see their favorite wrestlers behind the scenes footage. These include videos of their favorite wrestlers working out, arriving at the wrestling arena and warming up in readiness of their awaited matches.

Another aspect of this is that individuals could go online and listen to podcasts and also watch technique-improvement videos that feature wrestling celebrities.


It is undeniable that technology has brought about broadened exposure as far as wrestling is concerned. More people are watching wrestling as compared to yesteryears. One can easily upload a video on social media encouraging fan participation. This is what has brought together wrestling fans from all around the globe.

Still, on social media, a lot of discussions are happening online. These conversations are promoting a lot of interest in non-fans. They also aid in the improvement of the sport itself.


Technology has really enhanced the way recruiting is done in the modern day. Taking an example of young wrestlers in high school; college coaches no longer have to travel for long distances in search of high school recruits. They do not have to move mountains so as to get hold of a potential recruit’s mobile number. All they have to do is contact them via their social media handles or E-mail.

Also, prospective recruits can E-mail short tactic-highlight videos to coaches. This proves that technology has done a lot in opening up communication lines that were previously unavailable.

All in all, I would urge all coaches and wrestling trainers to embrace technology. It is playing a huge role in the marketing and excellence of the sport. It is also the best way that they could give their wrestlers a fighting chance and real opportunity in this competitive industry. If you need assistance with your technology, BCA IT in Miami is a managed IT support company that can help you.


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