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By Dave Scherer on 2019-04-17 10:00:00

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About WWE not being marketed to adults any more, I was one of those people that got mad too. Then about halfway into the decade of Cena I realized the product had changed and I could accept it for what it is or stop watching (I have don’t both at times). My question is why do you think that the Roman Reigns haters can’t understand this fact?

It used to be I could understand those that said they wanted their Attitude Era programming back.  Hell, I did too.  But like you said, that ended almost 20 years ago.  TWENTY YEARS!  There has to be a point when a sane person realizes that something has ended and won’t be coming back any time soon. I think the reason some people don’t get that fact is, quite simply, because they don’t want to get it.  They want what they want, and get angry when WWE doesn’t give it to them…..even though WWE has made it pretty clear that they won’t be giving it to them.  I don’t understand why someone bangs their head against the wall so I can’t explain why they do what they do.  I guess in some cases there are contrarians and in others there are masochists!

Time will tell whether the finish to the women's main event at Wrestlemania was planned or botched by Ronda's shoulders not being down, but if it was a botch and they don't plan to expand upon the angle, the whole situation could have been avoided if the planned finish was Ronda tapping to Becky's armbar finisher.  Given the importance of the match, with both titles on the line, do you think the right thing to do would have been to do a more decisive finish with Ronda tapping to the armbar?  Do you think they did not do this finish because Ronda didn't want to tap out to an armbar, given her own proficiency and history with armbars?

One, it was a mistake at the finish.  Two, it would have been decisive if it wasn’t botched.  Three, I like the idea of doing something out of the ordinary.  Ronda is a fighter so she should have been ready for the Disarmer.  But, as a novice, it’s understandable she could get caught in a backslide.  I liked it.

Hello again, great work as usual!  I have a question concerning Aleister Black and the recent NXT call ups.  As a fan who has become kinda spoiled by NXT I almost dread when some of my NXT favs are called up.  I'm happy for them, but I know they likely just aren't going to be the same due to how Vince McMahon does things.  With Black, Ricochet, and others they basically did a hey look it's some NXT guys.  In the case of Black it really REALLY bugged me due to the aura and mystic his character has.  In your opinion, shouldn't Black have been brought up slowly with mysterious vignettes and/or in a more grand fashion?  I think the guy could be Undertaker level if booked the right way.  The last time I thought that was Bray Wyatt.  We see how that's turned out.

I absolutely think Black should have been brought up slowly and as a top tier talent.  He is special and different. His entrance is awesome.  He could have been brought up as something really special.  But, Vince doesn’t always think about that.  Unfortunately.

At WrestleMania we got one of the greatest WrestleMania moments of all time, with Kofi winning the WWE title, but as I've seen pointed out a number of times now, even by Kofi, himself, this moment never would have happened if Mustafa Ali hadn't legitimately gotten injured leading into Elimination Chamber, leading to Kofi replacing him, and organically winning over the crowd in the first gauntlet match and in the chamber.  I'm just curious, do we know who Daniel Bryan was originally slated to face at Mania, or was it still in the air until KofiMania took off?  Was it just supposed to be AJ Styles again?

I haven’t heard for sure one way or the other who it would have been.  AJ was a possibility but he was working on a new contract at the time.

So Charlotte Flair doesn't want to be known as Ric's daughter, yet she wears the robes, does the woo, emulates his famous entrances, and uses the Flair name.  Seeing that Ric is much more well known to the mainstream audience than Charlotte is, how can she expect not to be known as Ric's daughter?  If she really wants to separate herself from her dad, should she modify her character by eliminating some of Ric's trademark mannerisms?

I think you are confusing “wanting to be known for her own great work” with “only being known as Ric Flair’s daughter”.  She doesn’t shy away from the fact that her dad is the legend.  She just asked you evaluate her on the work she does.

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