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By Dave Scherer on 2019-04-16 10:00:00

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Since it's unlikely there will be any sort of wrestlers union in WWE any time soon, do you think there's any chance of AEW starting one?

Honestly, no, why would they?  There aren’t many companies that want to give employees that kind of power.  I don’t see any reason for AEW to want to do that to themselves.  As for the talent, those that have been signed are being paid very well right now.  They have no reason to rock the boat.

How much does the narrative about Roman Reigns change if he wins the Royal Rumble one year earlier?  That crowd hated the holy hell out of Batista winning and were wildly behind Roman. I feel like if he wins there, a good amount (not all) of that Roman hate goes out the window.

I think it changes in a big, big way.  The main reason most of the people turned on Roman is that Daniel Bryan said he was going to return at the Rumble and win it.  That fired them up.  Then he was out early so they were going to hate whoever won.  That was Roman.  They forgot all about loving him a year earlier.

I saw what you wrote about while I never saw Titus O’Neil as world championship material, why is it that he never gets a significant push? With all the positive press he receives, I feel like it’s something the WWE never fully takes advantage of. 

They take advantage of him as a spokesman but the people that matter just don’t see him as a top tier wrestler.  There are worse spots for a guy to have, especially a 41 one year old guy.

When Smackdown is officially a FOX show, how does it affect the WWE reality shows now on NBC-owner networks? I am not sure NBC would like Total Divas promoting the Smackdown brand and the same can be said for Miz’s show. And, when it comes to WWE creating other shows for FOX, are they allowed to involve Raw talent promoting a show on a rival network?  

I have not heard one way or the other what the plan is for that.  But don’t just assume that there won’t be cross promotion.  Major sports like football and basketball cross promote other networks all the time.

How nice was it for Miz to pass the torch to a young upstart in need of a rub like Shane McMahon? That Shane guy has a bright future ahead of him. Do you think he is future world champion material? It’s just good to finally see the WWE recognize such talent. Pssst...I’m being sarcastic.  

It truly shows what a pro Miz is to help the young upstart.  WWE is lucky to have him.  And that is me being both sarcastic and serious at the same time.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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