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By Dave Scherer on 2019-04-15 10:00:00

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Becky2Titles isn't as catchy, but is Vince changing his tune on the word 'Belt'?

In this case, it looks that way.  I like it.  They are Titles AND Belts.

Does the Superstar Shakeup even matter?

To me?  Not really.  As we saw over the last month, the Brand Extension is only adhered to when the company wants it to be.  To the talents?  It could.  If they aren’t being used on Raw and go to Smackdown where they get a push, that’s a good thing.  The flip side is they could go from a place where they are being used well and then get buried (i.e. going to Raw).  Plus to those in relationships with another wrestler, it sucks to be put on separate brands and that will be in worse when the move to FOX happens.  So it definitely matters to the talents.

Something I’ve been curious about, why is it you think if the Finn Balor Demon ever loses, it kills the gimmick? Don’t all gimmicks have to lose at some point? It seems theses always a right way to present the first loss.

Sure, at some point.  They usually lose well after they have won a lot.  The Demon has only been on WWE a handful of times.  It’s too soon for him to lose.

With everything that has been said and written regarding WM’s 7.5 hour length, and fan fatigue for the Women’s Main Event, do you think Vince/Creative will do anything differently next year?  And given the transportation lapses or lack of planning that took place after Mania ended, can WWE add a stipulation to future chosen cities that adequate transportation must be available?  Would a threat of losing the right to host WM, Summer Slam, or a Royal Rumble for say, 10 years, be enough to ensure a city’s compliance of having enough buses, subway trains, Uber/Lyft fleets, etc, available?

I think that they should definitely do something.  I think the six hour window is the maximum that they should go.  Fan fatigue is a real issue and they need to understand that.  They also need to make sure that any city that hosts the show has the transportation covered.  As I said on yesterday’s show with Stu, you know that if the Giants or Jets were playing in a Sunday Night game that didn’t end until 12:30, NJ Transit would have made sure to extend service.  Will these changes happen?  In the case of show length probably not.  I really think it should, for all involved, but it’s up to Vince and he seems to love the marathon.  In the case of transportation they sure better.

We all know Vince McMahon has his fair share of odd quirks - that would be an understatement. But do you have any idea why someone who without a doubt has an ego as big as Vince’s doesn’t want his name mentioned during WWE Hall Of Fame speeches?

I wish I knew.  It’s not about ego, that’s for sure.  I have heard that he doesn’t want the induction to be about him, but can’t say for sure that is the reason. In any event, I find it silly.  Almost every person that goes in is only doing so because of Vince.  They should be allowed to mention him.

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