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By Steven Fernandes on 2019-04-12 09:25:00

Former WCW star and lucha libre legend Vampiro posted the following on his Facebook Page:

"Got some results from the doctor yesterday 
Not the best of news

But in my heart I know it’s a fight I am gonna win

I am not worried about anything

I am worried about how I can give more back to everyone who needs support

I Don’t give a f--k about being sick , as me and my doctors have a plan! And I will be fine!

Alzheimer’s is bulls--t. I am scared about potential Parkinson’s disease because it might f--k up my PlayStation time

I have been beaten up for so long , this is an easy one


Look at the news of the world

So much
Bulls--t going down

Just do what’s right and be cool to everyone

Don’t get involved in the stupid s--t

Not worth it

Be safe y’all and talk soon"

Everyone at wishes Vampiro and his family the best.


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