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By Mike Johnson on 2019-04-12 10:04:00

ROH's next PPV will be the 6/28 Best in the World PPV in Baltimore, Maryland.  They will tape TV the next day.

Ring of Honor will return to action with a TV taping this Saturday 4/13 in Pittsburgh, PA with the first appearances of new ROH Champion Matt Taven, Villain Enterprises vs. Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham & Jeff Cobb, Bandido vs. Shane Taylor, PJ Black vs. Eli Isom and more, including CMLL stars Caristico and Soberano Jr.

This Sunday 4/14, the company will hold a live event streaming for Honor Club subscribers on Sunday 4/14 in Columbus, Ohio with ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions Villain Enterprises vs. The Kingdom, Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham vs. Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams, Rush vs. Soberano Jr., Four Corner Survival featuring Caristco vs. Bandido vs. Flip Gordon vs. PJ Black, an eight man tag team bout with Silas Young & The Briscos & Shane Taylor vs. The Bouncers & Coast 2 Coast, Jenny Rose vs. Holidead.

ROH Women of Honor Champion Kelly Klein tossed out the first pitch at Thursday’s Cincinnati Reds against the Miami Marlins at Great American Ballpark in Cincy.

For those who have asked, merchandise from G1 Supercard will be available on the ROH website but between shipping the remainder of their inventory back from NYC and then heading back out on the road, there's no timetable as to when.

Bandido's last independent date was the Wrestlecon Mark Hitchcock Supershow a week ago and he is with ROH exclusively going forward.

ROH released the following Throwback video:

ROH announced they have opened up 20 slots to women for their next talent combine:


The first ROH Recruitment Combine of 2019 will take place on Saturday May 4 and Sunday May 5 at the ROH Dojo in Baltimore, MD! 20 new spots have opened up exclusively for women!

Once you are approved, make your payment immediately to secure your spot!

Talent Scouts & Instructors for 5/4 and 5/5 will include…
- ROH Executive Producer/Head of Operations DELIRIOUS
- ROH Dojo Head Coach/Producer/Creative Consultant JOEY
- ROH Talent and Assistant Dojo Coach JONATHAN GRESHAM
- Lead ROH Broadcaster IAN RICCABONI
- ROH Senior Official TODD SINCLAIR

These Seminars/Camps have been the vehicle for ROH SIGNING such stars as…
- Former ROH World Champion Dalton Castle
- Flip Gordon
- Former ROH World TV, World Tag Team, World Six-Man Tag Team & IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Matt Taven
- Former World Six-Man Tag Team Champion TK O'Ryan
- Former World Six-Man Tag Team Champion Vinny Marseglia
- 2017 Top Prospect Tournament Winner Josh “The Goods” Woods

The Combine is open to any current pro wrestler with at least one year’s experience. Each attendee is responsible for their own transportation to and from the ROH Dojo, and any necessary lodging. The ROH Dojo is conveniently located just by BWI Airport with plenty of lodging and car rental options.
The $300 registration fee includes each day’s activities plus lunch and critique by the ROH staff. The fee covers both days and there are no refunds issued if you don’t attend both days. Attending both days is crucial to get the full benefit of the teaching and feedback.

Saturday 5/4 will start at 10am and last until 6pm. Sunday 5/5 will start at 10am and last until at least 4pm.

All areas of professional wrestling will be covered from in-ring technique to out-of-the-ring attitude and conduct.

We will videotape personal interviews as well as sample promos. We will also be watching each attendee work out in the ring. There will be exhibition matches that will be critiqued in detail.

Conditioning, appearance, mindset and potential will also be evaluated.

We will get a complete look at the talent, and then detail for them either what they’re doing right, or what they need to improve on to make it in Ring of Honor and/or to become an all-around better wrestler.

The attendees who show they have what ROH wants, will be offered opportunities that may include, but are not limited to the possibility of, being booked on live ROH events, being invited to train at the ROH Dojo, or the goal of any attendee... being offered an ROH Developmental Contract.

Due to the overwhelming response to these seminars, acceptance to the ROH Combine is extremely limited.

To enroll, you must complete the application & W9 forms below. The forms and registration fee must be submitted by Monday, April 29, 2019.
Fax / e-mail / Mail completed applications to
FAX 410-662-1450
Email: and please put “May 2019 ROH Combine” in the subject line.
Ring of Honor
Attn: May 2019 Combine
2000 West 41st Street
Baltimore, MD 21211


Rush spoke with about the possibilty of having Los Ingobernables in the United States, commenting, "Sure. I'm gonna stay a lot of time in ROH. A lot. Big plans are comming for the big ingobernable. In Mexico Los Ingobernables were born. We are in Mexico, in Japan and in others parts of the world. It would be great to have them in ROH with wrestlers from the ROH's roster. I'd love to do it during my time here. I'm studying english. I need and I want to form Los Ingobernables here in ROH too". 

Bandido spoke with them about wanting to work with NJPW, noting, "I'd love to. It would be a dream come true to represent Mexico in the Best of the Super Jr or in any other New Japan tournament.   Before signing with ROH it was impossible for me, because you have to be signed to CMLL in Mexico if you wanna do something like that. But now that I have this contract with ROH I hope the partnership helps." 

Bandido also spoke about the possibility of working CMLL in Mexico now that he's contracted exclusively with ROH, noting, "I'd rather do Japan. Actually, I trained in CMLL and they never gave me an oportunity.  When I talked with them, they told me that there was no plan for me, and that's fair. Now I have a bigger name and I'm doing more things, so I think I'm gonna work more outside Mexico now rather than stay there." 

On Flamita potentially coming to ROH, Bandido commented, "I hope Flamita gets an oportinuty soon so they (ROH) can see how good he is and that he can be part of this company. We are working on dates and schedule, but I hope he comes to ROH sooner than later.   That's a proposal I had, the Mexa Blood in ROH, but yeah, that's all the office." 

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