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By Mike Johnson on 2019-04-11 13:03:00

As those of you watching Smackdown this past Tuesday know, Drew McIntyre disappeared towards the end of his six man tag team match with The Bar against The New Day. readers who were live in Brooklyn sent along that McIntyre exited via the timekeeper's area from ringside and returned to the back.  This spurred on concern that perhaps McIntyre had been injured over the course of the match.  We are told that was not the case and he is not injured.

What did happen, according to a source who was backstage during the main event, was that time was cut from the bout.  Since the finishing sequence was to focus on New Day beating the Bar, there was no time to explain taking Drew out of the equation.  So, Drew was instructed to return to the back.   

2:05 PM Update: Earlier I wrote, "One might wonder why they even booked McIntyre in the bout to begin with then, but we don't have any answer for that."  Well, now we do.  The original pitched main event for Smackdown this past Tuesday at WWE Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre.  It was changed into a six man tag as the day progressed.

So, there's no injury issue.

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