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By Jack Irene on 2019-04-11 09:19:00

This week we are going Around The Ring with Rosemary, flash back to Sting vs. Mick Foley in Six Sides of Steel, and an exclusive match between Luchasauras and Chris Bey,

Chris Bey vs. Luchasauras

Luchasauras is out first, the more known of the two having been seen on Lucha Underground as Vibora. Chris Bey is at least have the size of his opponent, coming out to a strong pop. Luchasauras bullies Bey early on, with the latter attempting to strike the big man. Dueling chants begin as Luchasauras knocks Bey down with a stiff chop. They exchange strikes in the center of the ring, with Luchasauras getting the better shot in. Bey evades Luchasauras, sending him outside and connecting with a smooth tope con hilo, sending us to a commercial. Bey ascends to the top but Luchasauras sits up. Bey gets manhandled again, shifting the control. Bey comes back with some flashy kicks, leading to a mushroom stomp off of the broad back of Luchasauras. Bey eats some impressive kicks and a chokeslam for a two count. They exchange strikes again, featuring a beautiful spinning back kick from Luchasauras, and he follows up with a big tombstone facebuster for the win.

This was a fun match, telling a basic yet effective story, and displaying some impressive agility from both men.


Around The Ring with Rosemary

Josh Mathews and Rosemary discuss the experiences of the Undead Realm.

Sting vs. Mick Foley

We skip Foley’s entrance as the champion, Sting comes out to a loud pop. Borash hits the flawless in-ring introductions and we begin. Foley attacks Sting, grounding him early. Foley attempts to escape instantly but Sting sends him crashing to the mat. Momentum shifts as Sting kicks Foley against the locked door repeatedly, as we go to commercial. Sting connects with a back suplex to a bloody Foley from the top rope for a two count. Foley tries to climb out again but Sting grabs his leg, hooking it between the turnbuckle and the cage. Foley gets beaten down by Sting before lethargically attempting to climb once more. Sting drags him down but Foley counters, sending Sting into the cage door. He hits a spinning neckbreaker on the champ for a near fall. Foley spikes Sting with the double arm DDT but winds up with a two count again. Foley locks in a Scorpion Death Lock on The Stinger as we head to one more commercial break. Back to the action, Foley demands the door be opened, pushing Earl Hebner to the mat. They refuse to open it, causing Foley to dropkick the cameraman through the camera hole in the cage. This provides a clear lane, as Foley tries to crawl through it, but Sting catches him and gives him his Scorpion Death Lock. Foley reaches through the hole to grab a barbed wire bat on the outside. Sting turns away as Foley warns him with his weapon. He swings and misses three times as Sting fights back. He goes to escape but Foley nails him in the leg with the brutal weapon. He follows up with one more, as both men fall to the canvas. The crowd heats up when Sting applies a drop toe hold to Foley, sending the barbed wire to Foley’s face. Sting now uses the bloodied bat, rubbing it into Foley’s eyes. They trade shots with the bat, with Sting now bleeding. Foley brings out Mr. Socko, wrapping it in barbed wire. He jabs Sting with the sock, before driving the bat into Sting’s chest in the corner. Foley climbs to the top of the cage, but Sting catches up, making it neck at neck. Foley then jumps to the floor below, winning the championship.

This match was lethargic at times with minimal crowd heat but ended up being an ok bout. Things heated up with the introduction of the bat, but the lack of energy and the flat ending really hurt this match.  

We get highlights of the fun LAX vs. Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake match from Impact Wrestling to close the show.

This was a solid show but nothing I would go out of my way to watch.

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