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By Adam Cardoza on 2019-04-11 04:27:00

Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory: Episode Two” - airing live on IndependentWrestling.TV

4/10/19 Worcester, MA

Last week's debut episode saw the epic return of Joey Janela to a Beyond Wrestling ring, costing David Starr a victory against Masato Tanaka. Tonight, we’ll see the fallout of that plus the next round of the Discovery Gauntlet, Aussie Open vs SADKAMPF and a special attraction match featured Anthony Greene vs Gangrel!

Match 1: SADKAMPF (Dominick Garrini & Kevin Ku) vs Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) 

Brawl at the bell and SADKAMPF is on a tear. Garrini and Ku working Fletcher while Davis is down on the outside. SADKAMPF taunting Davis while he tries to tag in, keeping the heat on the Aussie Arrow. Fletcher rolls through a headlock and tags in Davis, who cleans house. Kicks and chops on Garrini and they are getting INTO it. Aussies coming back! Fireman’s carry face kick to Garrini! Pop up cutter to Ku. He kicks out! SADKAMPF fires up. Total Elimination style running knee to Davis. kick out! There’s a mom next to me that brought her son to this. Clearly, her first indie show and she is losing her miiiiiiind right now. Both teams trading ship and super kicks, Aussies with a near fall on Ku with a Razor’s Edge style slam. SADKAMPF traps Aussie Open in tandem submissions (RNC & a Dragon sleeper) but Davis slams Ku to break both holds. Ku gets isolated and Aussie Open hits a tandem cradle slam for the pin. Good classic tag team wrestling at the start that boiled into a crazy superindy false finish fest. Lot of fun and the mom next to me says “Wow. That was way better than WWE!”. I agree. This was a strong start.

Winners: Aussie Open

Davis Starr is out to get some revenge on Joey Janela and Penelope Ford. It’s gonna be a tag match and Starr has a mystery partner....oh, it’s MJF. Janela says that unfortunately Penelope isn’t his’s....oh unholy hell, it’s Chris Dickinson. He says they are now a tag team called “SLITHER” (and that will be our main event).

Beyond owner Denver Colorado is on the mic to hype the ongoing weekly Uncharted Territory that will continue until the day he dies, prompting a loud “please don’t die!” chant.

Match 2: Solo Darling vs Wheeler Yuta

Mom is very confused about the potential of this intergender wrestling match, we’ll see how this pans out. Good technical work to open, playing to both their strengths. Solo with kicks and Yuta fires back with a slam. Solo with a rope walk suplex and Yuta returns with a stiff dropkick for a near fall. Yuta flopped out of the ring and Solo flattens him with a corkscrew ddt to the floor. Wheeler eating a ton of kicks and stomps now. Fires up and hits an Olympic slam on Solo for a two. Solo with a cloverleaf for a close tap but Yuta gets the rope. Yuta locks in an STF and Solo has to tap out. Good build to this match and brought the crowd into it by the end. Mom says this match was cool. Yuta has the mic now and says that Chuck Taylor will be in Beyond next week ahead of his trip to AEW....and Yuta wants THAT MATCH. He says he’ll buy Chuck a beer but before that, he’s gonna tap him out. Hell yeah, gimme that.

Winner: Wheeler Yuta

This is the Discovery Gauntlet match of the week. Last week, Mick Moretti beat Gabriel Skye to advance to this week. Tonight’s challenge is Tristian Thai.

Match 3: “The Rapscallion” Mick Moretti vs Tristian Thai

Moretti snatches Thai’s bandana, stomps it out and wipes his backside with it. Thai is hot and nails Moretti with a series of kicks and whips. Moretti tried to grind Thai out with neck holds. His weird side comes out with a distracting headstand spot that leads to a ton of stomps and a close two. Moretti with a snarl and a fisherman’s brain buster for a near fall. Mick continues to disrespect his opponent with slaps and an eye poke. Thai gets Mick’s timing and starts dodging strikes and returning ones of his own. Moretti powders and gets ddt’d into the apron. Thai with a pair of neckbreaker a for a near fall. Moretti hits the pumphandle facebuster for the pin. The Rapscallion advances! Solid work here but the crowd’s unfamiliarity with both characters set the energy back here a little. That said, Moretti is settling into a more heelish version of his wacky character (his post-match promos are helping get some heat with the crowd) and I’d like to see Thai come back sometime soon.

Winner: Mick Moretti

The Platinum Hunnies are making their tag team debut. Penelope Ford says she could beat them by herself but she’s brought someone who will eat them’s Maria Manic!

Match 4: The Platinum Hunnies (Angel Sinclair & Ava Everett & w/ Retrosexual Anthony Greene) vs Penelope Ford & Maria Manic

Mo says “This isn’t gonna go long...”. The Hunnies do a good job laying into Ford and hitting her with everything they have. Ford might be in serious trouble....and then Manic tags in. Torture rack to Ava. Both get slammed. Double chokeslam and Maria pins them simultaneously. This was short and sweet and Maria looked like a monster.

Winners: Penelope Ford and Maria Manic

Greene is checking on his Hunnies when the lights go red and his opponent for the evening arrives.

Match 5: Retrosexual Anthony Greene vs Gangrel

What year is this?!? Gangrel does the blood mist entrance. Crowd is hot for it. Greene is doing his best to stay ahead of the vampire. Greene catches Gangrel in his “Heeeey-Hoooo” full Nelson spot. Gangrel battles back and starts to slam Greene around the ring. Greene trying to come back but powerslams and facebuster keeps him on the defensive. Gangrel with a bulldog for a near fall. Mom is very hype to see Gangrel. Greene can’t string two moves together and he keeps getting chopped and stomped down. Gangrel with a legdrop and some turnbuckle shots. Greene with a crossbody!....and blasted back down with a lariat. Gangrel misses a Trips of elbows and Greene back with a lariat. Another lariat on the floor! Gangrel hits a superpower for a near fall. Side Russian leg sweep by the vampire for another near fall. He’s calling for a DDT....and gets gutted into the corner. Greene with a super kick, Gangrel with a double arm toss to the corner. Greene with a cutter but misses the 450 follow up and Gangrel blasts him with a jumping DDT for the pin. While Greene never felt like he was a real threat in this match, it was a gutsy performance against the larger vet....a little long in the middle but entertaining and the crowd was into it throughout. Mom says “This was better than the bigger shows!”

Winner: Gangrel

They announce Kylie Rae vs Orange Cassidy for next week’s episode!

The tag main event is next and Starr is all over announcer Rich Palladino. They have a new tag name as well....

Main Event: The Great American Born Entertaining Semites (David Starr & MJF) vs SLITHER (Joey Janela & Chris Dickinson w/ Penelope Ford)

Huge “Welcome Back” chant for Janela. MJF immediately tries to get Ford ejected from the match. MJF gets a cheap shot in earlier but the Bad Boy fights off both his opponents. Dickinson tags in and runs MJF, promoting Starr to tag in and get the re-matchup that’s been building for months. Starr keeps running to the corner to confer with his partner. Starr and Chris do some technical sequences and subs. Janela is in and Beyond’s feud of 2017-2018 is reignited. Starr gets a shot in on Janela’s wounded knee and the heat is on. MJF with taunts and stomps to keep the Bad Boy grounded. Starr wraps the leg in a figure-four and Joey’s in trouble, with MJF adding leverage to Starr when the ref isn’t looking. The ref kicks MJF’s hands away and Janela flips the hold. Max runs interference and flips it back, keeping the Dirty Daddy at bay. Starr gets caught taunting and Janela hits a German suplex and gets the hot tag to Dickinson. Starr doesn’t make it to MJF and he is eating all this punishment alone. A tag happens and Max isn’t thrilled to eat his serving of Dickinson. Near fall on a huge Falcon Arrow. Starr and MJF tried to get on the same page but a recovered Janela beats them up and forces Starr to piledrive MJF for a near fall. Double rake and eye poke to Dickinson and he’s down. Rolling pele kick to Janela and he’s down. MJF with the heat seeker hangman’s piledriver to Dickinson....he kicks out! Slither with a German suplex/ alligator clutch combo but Starr breaks it up. Dickinson goes for the Pazuzu bomb, Starr blond tags. Ref is bumped on a charge and MJF low blows Dickinson, allowing Starr to get the roll up pin. Great action here from both teams.

Winners: MJF & David Starr

Post-match, Dickinson apologizes because his balls got smashed. He says it’s not over. He wants MJF one-on-one next week. Janela says he tried and puts the whole Uncharted Territory show over and announces that despite his AEW contract, he will be able to continue doing independent shows. So......They. Are. Slither.

Good follow up episode tonight. A solid show that MOVED along for two hours and never really felt like it petered out. Good storytelling in the main event which should pan out further in the weeks to come. See you next week in Worcester!


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