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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-04-09 21:59:00

We are in Brooklyn, New York and your announcers are Corey Graves, Tom Phillips, and Byron Saxton.

Big E introduces the New Day and the new WWE Champion Kofi Kingston comes to the ring with Xavier Woods and Big E.

The ring has a rainbow over it and there are pancakes on the ring posts.

Big E says you may have heard that at Wrestlemania a man who made millions of people cry tears of joy who is an A+ player, with extra credit.  That man broke his foot off betwixt the vegan cheeks of Daniel Bryan and became your new WWE Champion.  Big E says they showed up on Raw in an effort to make history.  Xavier asks if Big E is talking about the split he did last night and Big E does it again.  Big E says Kofi came so close to becoming a dual champion, just like the Man Becky Lynch.  As nice as that would have been, it is good to be home on the blue brand.

Big E says you might know them for their shenanigans and foolish things, including a lot of butt stuff.  Xavier says we are here to celebrate the career of a man they call their friend and brother.  We are here to celebrate the career of Kofi Kingston.  Xavier says he remembers watching Kofi debut.  Folliowing his whole career has been memorable.  But to be able to meet Kofi when he came to WWE was like meeting one of his heroes.  

Big E says they got this together out of the mud.  The bond they share is special.  They tried to reshape culture and change history.  On Sunday, at Wrestlemania, that is what Kofi did.  Xavier says on behalf of him, Big E, and everyone watching, we love you and congratulations.

Kofi says he is at a loss for words.  This is an impossible moment.  It wasn't supposed to happen.  It wasn't in the cards, but here we are.  Kofi wants to mention his family in the crowd.  Kofi says they inspire him to be the best and you have supported him since day one.

The music for Sheamus plays and he is joined by Cesaro.  

Sheamus says you owe us a big thank you for saving your skin last night.  Cesaro says Seth was mopping you up.  Cesaro says Seth would be the WWE Champion if not for them.  Sheamus says you almost lost the title in your first title defense.  It isn't because you are a B+ Player, but because the New Day wasn't here.  Cesaro suggests a six man tag match.

Big E says that there are only two of you.  Cesaro says they made a friend on Raw.  

Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ringside area to stand next to Sheamus and Cesaro.

Match Number One:  Aleister Black, Mustafa Ali, and Ricochet versus Rusev, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Andrade Almas

Nakamura and Ricochet start things off and Nakamura with a kick and knee.  Nakamura with a wrist lock.  Ricochet wtih a reversal into a snap mare for a near fall.  Nakamura with forearms and he misses a kick.  Ricochet with a handstand head scissors and drop kick for a near fall.  Nakamura with an enzuigiri and Rusev tags in and he kicks Ricochet.  Rusev puts Ricochet on the top rope and Nakamura with a knee and Rusev with a suplex and Almas with a kick for a near fall.

Almas with a chop and Rusev tags in.  Rusev with a forearm.  Nakamura tags in and connects with knees to the ribs.  Rusev tags in and he stomps on the ankle.  Ricochet with a neck breaker and both men are down.  Ali tags in and he punches Rusev and hits a drop kick.  Black tags in and kicks Rusev in the corner.  Ricochet tags in and he punches Rusev.  Black with a knee and Ricochet with a drop kick to Rusev.  Black knocks Nakamura and Almas out of the ring.  Black teases a dive to the floor but springs back into the center of the ring and he sits down, and is joined by Ali and Ricochet. 

Rusev returns to the ring and then goes back to the floor.  Rusev tells Ali to come on and Ali goes to the floor but Nakamura stops him on the floor.  Ali gets back into the ring and Rusev with a super kick for a near fall.  Rusev with kicks and Almas tags in.  Almas works on the arm and applies a triangle in the ropes and Nakamura tags in.  Nakamura kicks Ali in the ribs and applies a Fujiwara arm bar.  Rusev tags in and kicks Ali in the ribs.  Rusev kicks Ali and Ali punches back.  Rusev keeps Ali from making the tag and Nakamura tags in and kicks Ali before Rusev sends Ali to the mat and Nakamura gets a near fall.  Nakamura with a chin lock and arm bar.  

Almas tags in and connects with a forearm.  Rusev with a bear hug.  Rusev kicks Ali and then he knocks Black and Ricochet off the apron.  Rusev wtih a splash into the corner.  Ali with a DDT and both men are down.  Almas and Black tag in and Black with a forearm and elbow.  Black with kicks and a leg sweep.  Black with a sliding knee to the head.  Black with a near fall and then Ricochet hits a double drop kick.  Ricochet with a baseball slide to the floor and Ricochet with a quebrada off the ringside barrier to Rusev.  Nakamura with a kick and Black with Black Mass to Nakamura.

Almas with a rollup for a near fall followed by a back elbow.  Ali tags in and he takes care of Almas and hits a 450 Splash for the three count.

Winners:  Aleister Black, Ricochet, and Mustafa Ali

After the match, Randy Orton with an RKO to Mustafa Ali.

Kevin Owens comes out and hits a stunner on Rusev.

We go to the back for comments from the Smackdown Tag Team Champions, The Usos.

Jey congratulates Kofi on winning on Sunday night.  Jimmy says Wrestlemania came and it has gone, but the Usos are still tag team champions.  He says they need to win.  They have never faced the Hardys.  It is more than about the titles, it about proving the best brother team.  Jey says it is about proving who is the best tag team in WWE history.

We go to commercial.

We are back and R Truth and Carmella are in the ring to host Wrestlemania.

Truth mentions Becky Lynch being the Raw and Smackdown Women's Champion and Carmella mentions that Kofi is the WWE Champion.  Truth says that not only did they have the world's largest seven second dance break on Sunday, Carmella beat Andre the Giant to win the Battle Royal.  Carmella says Sunday was such a great moment and Carmella reminds us that it was a year ago she cashed in her briefcase.  Carmella says she lost a title but gained a friend who told her to have fun.  Carmella says she sees big things in her future.

Samoa Joe's music plays and he makes his way to the ring.  

Truth punches Joe and Joe runs into a leg lariat.  Truth wtih a kick but Joe avoids the scissors kick and Joe with the Coquina Clutch.  Joe knocks Truth to the floor

Joe says what stands before you is the man who destroyed Rey Mysterio in less than sixty seconds.  He may take less time to beat up any other superstars.

Braun Strowman's music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Braun backs Joe into the turnbuckles and punches Joe and hits a clothesline into the corner.  Braun runs into a boot and Joe applies the Coquina Clutch.  Braun backs Joe into the turnbuckles and tries to get Joe up for a power slam.  Joe escapes and goes to the floor and gets his title belt before going to the back.

The Women's Tag Team Champions Peyton Royce and Billie Kay make their way to the ring.

We go to commercial.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce mention that two nights ago they defied all the odds and emerged with the Women's Tag Team Championships.  Billie says champions talk about being fighting champions.  Peyton says they will walk.  Billie says they will defend the titles anywhere against anyone.  Peyton says they will be defending the titles against the best team they could find in Brooklyn.  Peyton says they are looking forward to facing a prestigious team.  Billie says the future of the tag team division will be IICONIC.

Match Number Two:  Peyton Royce and Billie Kay versus Karissa and Kristen for the Women's Tag Team Championship

Billie and Karissa start things off and Peyton tags in and they kick Karissa and pose.  We see Paige watching from the back.  Peyton with a forearm and BIllie tags in and Peyton with a spinning heel kick.  Billie tags in and she sends Karissa into the turnbuckles.  Peyton tags in and chokes Karissa.  They send Karissa into her corner to tag in Kristen.  Kristen with a foearm to Peyton and a rollup on Billie for a near fall.

Billie with a boot to the head and Peyton tags in.  Billie holds up Kristen for a knee from Peyton for the three count.

Winners;  Peyton Royce and Billie Kay (retain championship)

Paige is asked why is she on Smackdown.  Paige says it is one week until the Superstar Shake Up.  She says she wanted to get a closer look at the new Women's Tag Team Champs.  They stopped the undefeated streak of the Brooklyn Belles.  Paige says she is going to be bringing in an impressive tag team of her own next week.

Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

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