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By Andru Edwards on 2019-04-09 00:15:00

After Raw went off the air, Seth Rollins led the crowd in a Kofi Mania chant as Kofi left.

After Kofi went to the back, Seth brought out Roman Reigns. There were a few people booing, and Seth reminded them that Roman is his boy and just won his first singles match after returning from beating Leukemia.

Dean Ambrose came out to the ring and Seth Rollins told him he was sad to see him go.  The crowd begged Ambrose to stay.  Seth said he already tried that, but it didn't work.  Ambrose said it was great to see Seth take the talent off of the Brock Lesnar and bring it back to the boys.

He then said that the other sweet thing he saw was Roman Reigns beat cancer and come back on Raw.  The crowd cheered.

He said that he loved this building.  He said that they opened it for TLC.  He talked about them being green.  He put over the fans and said that they made the show. He said the building wasn't important, they were.

They chanted Thank You Dean.

After Dean addressed the crowd, he offered his fist in the middle of the ring, and Seth and Roman joined him in the Shield pose as their music played to send people home while Dean bowed to the crowd.

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