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By Dave Scherer on 2019-04-10 10:00:00

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I’m not trying to come off critical but, I gotta ask a couple of questions, prefaced with statements.. Why is it in your PPV Blogs that you write them as if Vince (or someone close) is reading it?? Also, if someone boos Roman now, “they should’ve never been born” or suggest that they should “be mugged…” That seems pretty heavy for someone who acts like everyone should have an opinion.. It’s like you contradict yourself quite a bit.. One minute you come off acting like the talent’s work ethic got them a “Wrestlemania Moment” or a big win.. The next minute you act like no matter the work ethic, it’s all about what Vince wants… It’s like you kind of look down on wrestling fans that do not act the way you want them too, and you have a hell of a sense of entitlement when it comes to you thinking WWE Creative bases what it should do, off of your opinion.. I just don’t get it.. I like your reporting but when it comes to some of the s*** you type that you can tell is "thought out” it’s contradictory and it comes off like a “know-it-all..” You go from acting like WWE is “out of touch” to acting like every fan “owes their whole existence” to WWE for how great they are.. Which is it??

Yeah, you don't come off as critical at all.  You come off like a wonderful person. 

Seriously though, you don't come off as critical.  You come across like a moron.  I am sure you are OK with that.

And calling you a moron is not too harsh when you say something like I act like it's all about what Vince wants.  Uh, DUH, it's his company and his product so yeah Einstein, it is all about what he wants.  It's NOT about what you, me or anyone else wants.  The billionaire gets to decide what his product will be.  It's then up to us to decide if we will purchase his product or not.  We follow his product.  Only a moron would waste their time critiquing a rock and roll concert like it's an opera.  Don't be a moron Einstein.

One more thing you really need to learn.  A blog is a place for someone to give their opinions.  That is what I gave, my opinions.  Again, DUH.

Now, to answer your questions/statements, in order:

If you think I write like Vince reads my blogs, you clearly don't pay attention to what I say and write.  I have been highly critical of the build to this year's WrestleMania. Had you paid attention, you would have known that.  If you think I have been praising Vince's booking going into this year's show, you have a major problem comprehending what other people say.  You clearly hear what you want to hear as opposed to what is actually said.  That is a you issue, not a me issue.

Yes, I feel that anyone that is booing Reigns at this point in time, given what he has just gone through, is just a contrarian who lacks empathy and would rather do what he wants over doing what is decent.  Or, he is just a tool.  In my opinion, the world does not need people like that.  They are a drain on society and bring it down.  I like people that lift society and add positive things to it, not those that just bring negativity.

I never said you didn't have the right to your opinion.  That is something you just chose to to make up because your argument is so weak, which is understandable given that you are trying to justify horrible behavior as being OK.

What I said was that in my opinion, your parents should have played a video game at the exact time they chose to conceive you because you think it's OK to exhibit bad behavior in public.  And yes, I truly wish that after you did something so toolish, something just as rotten would happen to you.  It's called Karma, reaping what you sow.  If you want to be a jerk, jerky things should happen to you.

Given your reading comprehension issues, I guess that is why you feel so cool booing a truly decent guy who overcame cancer.  You aren't cool, you are a being tool to those around you who are decent people. 

Your statement about WrestleMania moments vs. work ethic is ridiculous because Roman Reigns has always worked hard.  In fact, people like you, that think you are so much cooler than everyone else when you boo him on his entrance, almost always chant "This Is Awesome" when he works his butt off during matches.  So you are the one that has the conflicting, hypocritical behavior.  There is contradiction here and it's all on your end.

Beside from that, Kofi vs. Daniel Bryan, for example, was a WrestleMania moment for far more than the work ethic.  The booking was just as big a part of it.  So yes, you have to give credit to creative when they get it right.  And guess who is the head of Creative?

The one thing you got right though was this: you don't get it.  Because of that, you make up things like I am pushing WWE's view on you when in fact the opposite is true.  You do that because, for whatever warped reason, you hate Roman Reigns and want to boo him and now that it's a really uncool thing to do, you need to make up reasons to justify your bad behavior.  It's clearly a you issue and you should get some help in dealing with it.

I don't look down on people that don't agree with my opinion.  I look down on people that do rotten things and make bogus statements to justify their bad behavior (that's you in case you missed it).  You want to boo a guy who overcame cancer just to be a contrarian and it makes you feel good.  It's your right to do it.  It's my right to think you are a major league tool, and believe me I do think that.

The one thing you don't understand about free speech is that while it gives you the right to say and do rotten things, it doesn't mean you won't have to do deal with the repercussions of the rotten things that you do.  If you want to be the guy who does things that most people don't like, don't whine like a baby and act like a victim when you get called on it.  In the adult world, people won't tell you you are special like your mom did.  You will be called out, just like you tried to call me out.  And for the record, had you made any valid points, I would have acknowledged them.

You can make up all of the lies you want, as you did in your tainted missive, but at the end of the day all it comes down to is you want to do something that goes against the grain of decency and you get upset when you are called on it.  I'm not trying to be critical but here's an idea: try to be a better person.  Try not to be a tool. 

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