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By Dave Scherer on 2019-04-08 10:00:00

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I refuse to boo a man that beat cancer, just like I refuse to boo Michael Cole for doing his part in saving Jerry Lawler's life.  But, WWE fans will be WWE fans and now that Roman is back full time and it's back to business as usual for him, do you expect the fans, particularly the ones who vehemently booed him before he announced his leukemia had returned, to go back to booing him in the near future, possibly as soon as Wrestlemania?

As I type this on Saturday, all I can say is I hope not.  I never thought he deserved the boos in the first place but whatever reasons those that jeered him have, they aren’t substantial enough to go back to the practice.  They now know that Reigns is a two-time cancer survivor.  To boo him now just to be “cool” or whatever they think it is would be major league toolbox behavior.

Right, I’m confused. For as long as I remember I’ve been told by the WWE that there isn’t ‘a’ main event, but several. I’ve even heard CM Punk say on Colt’s podcast that his Undertaker WM29 match was referred to by Vince as ‘the main event’ despite not going on last. Fine. Now I’m being told, by the WWE that the women’s WM35 match is THE main event. Which is it?

“There is no main event” is something Vince tells people that are not in the actual main event!  Of course there is a main event.  A match goes on last for a reason, but it’s the bout that a company deems the most important!

Can I please ask how in the blue hell did Kurt Angle get medically cleared by WWE? It looks so scary seeing him wrestle. 

Just because someone gets cleared doesn’t take decades of abuse off of a 50 year old body.  There’s a reason he is at the end of the road in the ring.  Father Time catches all of us.

How do independent wrestlers get paid is it by cash or direct deposit?

It depends on the situation.  With bigger names, they usually get paid in advance if they don’t have a relationship with the promoter (and sometimes even if they do).  For other talents, most of them get a payout the day of a show.  Sometimes it’s cash, sometimes a check.

Over WrestleMania weekend with a lot of Indy guys working multiple matches all over New York and area are they responsible for their own transportation to each place?

Much like the question above, it depends on the deal that the talent negotiates with the promoter.  If transportation isn’t covered, they are on their own.

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