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By Dave Scherer on 2019-04-03 10:00:00

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Do you think Kurt Angle either destroys Baron Corbin in their match or Baron Corbin heels Angle by deciding not to fight him leading to Angle calling for an open-challenge and bringing out John Cena? I would hate Corbin jobbing out so I like my alternative because I feel Corbin vs. Angle is great for any other PPV, but not Wrestlemania. Corbin is just not strong enough right now and I would love to see a recreation of Cena’s debut in the WWE, albeit with a handshake and hug when the match concludes. Thoughts?

I don’t think we see either scenario.  If Cena is going to work Mania, it should not be as a surprise IMO.  But even so, why would Corbin, logically, give up a WrestleMania match?  He wouldn’t.  So unless something changes it’s Corbin vs. Angle.  And Angle should lose, giving the rub to the young guy on his way out.  I can’t say that should happen, but it should.

So is Braun Strowman's place at Wrestlemania purely a "comedic" one from now on? Last year he tag-teamed with a ten-year-old, and this year he's going to slap around two comedians in a battle royal that'll likely be on the pre-show. Is there no hope for the guy anymore?

From now on? I can’t say.  But for the past two years yep, he has been used really, really poorly, and it’s a shame.

How on Earth did the "skin the cat" maneuver get its name? I realize that most if not all wrestling moves have a story behind their name, but this one in particular stood out to me.

I honestly have no idea!  If anyone knows, please send an email!

Do you think that a big factor of WWE's current booking fiascos is the brand split? First off, WWE doesn't really seem to care about it anymore (unless it's Survivor Series time), as evidenced by the nonsense with the recent NXT call-ups and stuff like Shelton Benjamin randomly appearing on RAW despite being a Smackdown guy; secondly, the brand split brings about way too many championships that either bloat PPVs or are ignored altogether. The brand split seems to serve zero purpose. Thoughts?

Nope, that isn’t the issue. The issue is that there is a serious lack of continuity in the product that goes well beyond the brand split.  There is also a serious lack of logic.  The major problem is in the creative process.  That is what is causing the issues.

What do you think AEW can learn from TNA/Impact Wrestling's mistakes so they won't go down the same path that Impact is currently in right now? For me, don't hire Vince Russo would be one of them.

That is the best advice I could give any wrestling company that wants to stay in business!  Good one.  I would also tell them to not overpay for talent, especially WWE names.  As we saw with Impact, they didn’t really ever move the needle.  I would advise them to realize that in 2019, the real mother lode of revenue comes from TV rights fees.  Getting a great TV deal is the best thing that they could do.  House shows, merchandise and PPVs are secondary, by far.

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