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By Dave Scherer on 2019-03-31 10:00:00

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It seems like it’s forgone that Triple H will beat Batista at Wrestlemania but in a tiny fantasy booking idea, would it be better if he beats Triple H, retires him and then maybe sticks around for a couple more matches, maybe Roman can finally kick his ass at Summerslam?  I think that would be a good top Babyface vs top Heel that the crowd would properly respond to.

At this point, it’s all up to Dave.  If he wants to stay around, I am sure WWE would be glad to accommodate him.  They can always get out of a retirement stipulation as they have done it before.  If Dave wants to put Hollywood on hold and stay and wrestle, then have him win at Mania.  If he wants closure, he should do the job to HHH.

Should Kofi beat Daniel Bryan and have a run with the WWE title?  Personally I think there’s much more juice left in Bryan being the “planet’s champion” and “holding the title forever.”  I think Bryan should keep the title until Wrestlemania 36.  But what do you think makes more sense?

I would love to see Kofi get a short run on top.  They could always have Bryan get it back and he could act like he never lost the belt, since he is a heel.  I think Kofi could be helped by getting a run with the belt so why not go with it and see what happens?  Bryan is already made so losing won’t hurt him.

So despite the buildup Wrestlemania 35 is STACKED with with matches between top stars who’ve main evented PPVs.  Orton and Styles, Joe and Rey, Roman and Drew, Becky/Ronda/Charlotte.  Bryan vs Kofi has already main evented a PPV, so has Brock and Seth, and HHH vs Batista has already main evented a Wrestlemania.  Here’s my question. With a a card like that, plus Kurt Angle’s retirement match, plus the undercard wrestlers, plus legitimate stars without matches... is it time for future Wrestlemanias to take place on two nights?  I know this question has been answered where there was concern about one night not being as important as the other, but when this Wrestlemania already has a card stacked with this kind of full time star power, is it even possible where one night could seem less important?

It’s a moot point really.  Vince McMahon loves that WWE has its one huge, Super Bowl like day.  Plus with Smackdown on Friday, Hall of Fame and/or NXT on Saturday, Mania on Sunday and Raw on Monday, there’s no real way to do it.  They will have to do whichever show they don’t do on Saturday on Thursday.

Do you think that Vince McMahon or the WWE cares about the ratings as they have no competition in their field? 

He cares because they help determine what the product is worth to TV partners.  Plus, there is personal pride in having people follow your product.

Do you think that Kevin Dunn is partly responsible for Asuka's depush due to the fact that she doesn't have the WWE look and do you also think that she could be released as part of WWE's annual Spring Cleaning?

No, I don't think it's a Dunn call.  Spring Cleaning isn't a definite thing. In fact, with the new TV deals and AEW on the horizon, I would guess we don't see one this year.  There's no reason to make talent available for an upstart.

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