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By Mike Johnson on 2019-04-06 10:00:00

What's your favorite part of Wrestlemania weekend?

Honestly, it's seeing so many fans from all over the world descend upon one place and just love pro wrestling.  I love running around and covering the shows and trying to create as much content as we can here on the site, so that is number two.  Number three is seeing a lot of talent I don't normally get to see live, especially the international performers.  It's the best time of the year for pro wrestling, even if the build to Mania hasn't been perfect this year.  

Has there ever been talk of WWE bringing back Legends House?  I really enjoyed the first season.  I know someone of the cast members have passed on sadly but I would really enjoy them doing a similar show with other talents.

It's been pitched and talked about in the past internally but they've never pulled the trigger on bringing it back.  WWE always comes back to old concepts (see: Tough Enough) so I think in the end, it'll happen.

I was wondering if you knew of the reason why King Kong Bundy has not yet been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and if so is it a reason you are able to share?  Ever since the big class from 2005 was inducted, and especially after Savage was inducted, it's seemed odd to me that Bundy wasn't in the WWE HOF as he's the only WrestleMania main event wrestler from the 1980's who is not already in the HOF.  I suppose one could argue that he's one of five that aren't in yet if you count all 14 people in the WrestleMania IV tournament, but if you only count the last match on the show then Bundy is the only guy from the 80's who isn't in and he's one of only two (Sid Justice/Vicious) main eventers from the first 10 WrestleMania's who haven't gotten in yet.

I've never heard a definitive reason as to why WWE never honored King King Bundy, but there's no question he should have been honored.  He was part of the concussion lawsuit against WWE, however, and once you enter into a lawsuit against someone, they aren't going to then turn around and honor your contributions to the company.  Hopefully, one day he is honored, because he was an iconic, great performer.

What do you think AEW can learn from TNA/Impact Wrestling's mistakes so they won't go down the same path that Impact is currently in right now? For me, don't hire Vince Russo would be one of them.

I don't think they'll hire Russo.  Their creative team is much set!  I would advise them (and anyone, honestly) to push the young, current roster and not rely on older names as the center-piece.  Impact never did that consistently and it bit them in the rear.  I would also advise that you remain completely honest with your network partner.  I don't think for a second though, that AEW will run into the issues that Impact did.

I was wondering if you've heard anything about the Viceland documentaries?  I am always worried about how someone will make pro wrestling look bad, especially with these topics.

From what we are told, the episodes treat everyone, including pro wrestling, with respect, but they are unfliching in showing what has happened to some of the individuals.  I am very familiar with Viceland's shows and I expect a top notch production.  I don't think Mick Foley, Dutch Mantel, Jim Cornette, Bruce Prichard, etc. would take part in something that was going to demean professional wrestlers, especially those who have passed on.  I am told by someone who has been most of the episodes already that the show is very, very good, especially the Gino Hernandez episode.

Every week I try to DVR Impact and every week, it shuts off after the first 30 minutes.  WTF?

I feel your pain.  It happens because The Pursuit Channel lists it as four separate 30 minute episodes and only lists the first 30 minutes as new.  The others are listed as repeats.  It's a beyond stupid issue and I don't understand why it still happens.  Impact has been made aware of it and I know they are trying to get it rectified.  My advice is to add an extra 2 hours to your series recording setting.

Did Impact really kill off Allie?

Yes, but if someone was trapped in an Undead Realm, weren't they technically already dead?  We'll have to consult Freddy Kruger on this one.

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