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By Mike Johnson on 2019-04-05 10:00:00

Who’s the one wrestling personality you always wanted to see write a book that hasn’t yet?

I will give you three.  Dory Funk Jr. would have a great book, especially given all of his experiences around the world as NWA Champion, growing up in Texas, and Japan.  I always thought Don Muraco would have a great story to tell.  He worked all over the place and was a big part of the 1980s WWF run.  I also think, based on how great he’s been when I’ve interviewed him, that Greg Valentine would have a really great book.  There are others but those three pop at the forefront of my brain.

  Back during the "Divas Era," some episodes of RAW, SmackDown and the PPVs would have just one short women's match while there would be some episodes which would not have a women's match. These days, it's not unusual for episodes of RAW and SmackDown to have two or even three women's matches and they would be booked just as long as the men's matches. With that being said, do you feel that the WWE Women's Division has been overexposed as of late?

Absolutely not.  If you are going to have the men and the women on equal footing, they should have equal exposure.  I think we get far better women’s wrestling in WWE today than ever before and to me, that’s not overexposure.  That’s progress.

Huge fan of your site & the work you all put into it. Could you please explain what a Producer does? As well as what an Agent does?

The Producer helps lay out the match and set the stage for what you see in the ring when talents perform, just as a film producer helps set the stage for what eventually ends up on film.  Producers convey to the talents what management expects of the matches.  They make sure that none of the spots talents put together are too dangerous and also that the matches don’t have spots that will be repetitive over the course of the show and that they won’t do anything that the main eventers have planned.  They will also provide feedback as to what worked and didn’t work so that future matches can be tweaked.  They will also provide reports to management as to what is and is not working.

Given Becky was the one bound for the WrestleMania main event, it really made no sense for Asuka to win the Smackdown title then beat her clean at the Rumble. But there was a positive: It reestablished the 'Empress of Tomorrow' as a top-tier star at the end of a rough year in the mid-card. Whoever emerged as the winner in the Mania main event, Asuka could claim to be the true champion having beaten two of the participants only months before. So what sense did it make for Asuka to get those wins, barely be featured on TV for the next 3 months, then drop the gold a week before Mania in an unannounced match?

I got nothing! 

I have been listening to a ton of elite audios in the last few days and I'm getting so much more info then I would anywhere. I have more respect for you guys then anyone so great jo with the site always. My question is about AEW double or nothing. Have you guys heard if it will be on live on ppv or live to watch somewhere? I have been trying to find that info and can't seem to find it anywhere. I would hope all of AEW’s shows would be live but you never know. Thanks in advance god bless!

Nothing has been announced yet, but one would think that with the level of talent and the level of interest in the show, it will air somewhere live.

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