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By Mike Johnson on 2019-04-04 10:00:00

With the Bellas retiring, what does this mean for their WWE relationship and their reality series?

Total Divas will continue but will not feature the Bellas this season.  They are still with WWE and are in NYC for Wrestlemania weekend.  Their Total Bellas reality series will continue as well.

One term in WWE that I haven’t seemingly heard in a long time was “legends deal/contract”. I remember from the mid-2000s to a few years ago that basically anyone in good graces with the company was signed to a legend deal for appearances, merchandise, etc. Do those deals still exist as they did before or have they found a new system since the Network launched?

The deals still exist.  Talents who are brought into the WWE Hall of Fame or who shift out of in-ring work but are still associated with the company are signed to such deals.  They just aren’t spoken about as much for whatever reason but they still exist in order to allow WWE the rights to license older names for action figures, video games, etc.

I’m currently watching the Seth Rollins “WWE24” and the footage shown of him in surgery got me thinking. Have you heard of WWE contracts containing clauses that allow them to show surgery (and recovery) footage? I’m just curious how it works since I wouldn’t imagine itbeing a  problem since WWE covers those types of medical expenses but I wonder if performers have a say in what is and isn’t documented.

I am sure that if a talent didn’t want their surgery featured, WWE would respect their wishes.  It’s not something that would be included contractually in their WWE deals.  WWE films the surgeries so they can incorporate it into the comeback storylines and, if I am WWE, to have documentation if anything is called into question down the line.

I remember that there were a few years when Smackdown was on Friday nights and the go-home show before WrestleMania was pretty much a recap of angles, highlighting Axxess and so forth. I can't imagine that next year, with SD back on Friday nights (as well as being live and on FOX) that FOX would want nothing to do with that approach. Have there been any talks how a live Smackdown on Friday next year will change their approach to WrestleMania weekend?

WWE is still formulating how they will handle all aspects of Smackdown once they move to FOX – from production to touring to Wrestlemania weekend to what talents will be there.  There’s no real answers yet but there’s no way WWE is going to provide them with what would be seen as a lesser product once they make the move and start getting paid $205 million a year for TV rights!comi

I seem to remember books from Al Snow and Swoggle coming out.  I can't find them anywhere though?

Al Snow's book will be released in May.   Swoggle's book is coming out in September.

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