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By Mike Johnson on 2019-03-30 10:00:00

Vince Vaughn played  WWE producer, agent , NXT  trainer in Fighting with my Family . Who was Paige's trainer in NXT in which his character  derived from?

The character was new fictional character created for the film and was not based on any one performer.

Any chance Hulk Hogan shows up to endorse Kofi Kingston as the new WWE Champion?

Yeah, I don’t see that happening.

The WWE mishandling of Becky Lynch and Kofi Kingston leads me to this question: Hasn’t this been the decade of lost opportunities for WWE?  Wade Barrett, Zack Ryder, Damien Sandow, CM Punk, Bray Wyatt, Ryback, Ted Dibiase Jr, Cesaro, Cody Rhodes and others all got hot at one point and got over on their own but were misused horribly due to bad creative. Why doesn’t Vince like anyone to get over on their own? Does he resent those who are successful in spite of him? Pro Wrestling and WWE needs to make all the stars they can and wasting their talent due
to ego and resentment is not good.

Vince McMahon has a vision for what he wants and if something goes against that vision, he’s going to do one of two things, adjust or make sure that the vision that he remains.  Sometimes, that means cooling off performers that are obviously starting to click.  When the show is being written for one person and that one person feels he knows what’s best, outside opinions aren’t going to matter.  I agree that some of the talents you mentioned were lost opportunities but others were simply never going to be tip-top 1% stars.   You also need to consider that there are talents who might be doing great in front of the camera but for whatever reason, end up in trouble or hurt their standing for their actions, attitude or behavior behind the scene.  There are always reasons, even if we might not agree with them, as to why WWE does what they do.

When is WWE announces WWE Network launches Endeavor Streaming since WWE leave Disney Streaming Service aka BamTech?

I don’t believe they will announce the day they switch from one provider to another.  They will want a seamless transition if possible.

My question is more like a multiple choice one. Minnesota has been rumored to host a Wrestlemania for a while now. Most recently, it had been rumored they would host Wrestlemania 36 but that went to Tampa Bay. So the question I have is this, do you think the reason Wrestlemania hasn't come there is yet is because the weather is too cold and WWE wouldn't make as much money up here like they would down south US Bank Stadium isn't what WWE is looking for in hosting Wrestlemania Vince McMahon just loves the South too much
All the above.

I think it’s just WWE has made the call to go to Minnesota yet because the other cities that have made bids to host the show have persuaded WWE to go there instead.  I don’t think the weather would be the reason, because WWE has held the show in NYC outdoors in the past.   I’d be surprised if at some point, you don’t get your Mania in Minnesota.  I hope it does happen one day as I've never been to there and would love to visit it for all the music and pro wrestling history there.

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