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By Mike Johnson on 2019-03-29 10:00:00

So, whatever happened to KUSHIDA?  Wasn't he supposed to come to NXT?

KUSHIDA has been in Orlando and has been at the WWE Performance Center.  I would be shocked if he isn't revealed in some fashion at Takeover: New York next weekend.

Do the women in WWE have their own dressing rooms while preparing for their matches?

Yes, there is a separate area for the female talents to ran.

When Owner and Promoter Verne Gagne passed away some years ago was ownership of the AWA passed on to his son Greg Gagne? If so, was there any thought within the family of bringing the AWA back?

WWE purchased the rights and video library to the AWA long before Gagne passed away, so the idea of Greg relaunching the AWA wasn't even a possibility.

Why is it that former Vaudevillian Simon Gotch is able to use that name on the indies sometimes but also sometimes goes by Simon Grimm?  Originally I assumed he didnt have rights to the Gotch name and went by Grimm as a result but just today MLW announced him going by the Gotch name so I was curious if you knew what was going on there?

WWE allowed the trademark to lapse.

When I started watching wrestling again a few years ago, I was surprised at how many two-counts there are in matches now. Growing up in the 80s and watching NWA-WCW and the then-WWF, it was a big deal if there was a near-fall, but in the present day, everything's a two-count. Even in NXT, which is often more like wrestling than what passes for it now, every fall's a two-count. Am I wrong in thinking this is an important part of ring psychology?  And if so, is there some reason why it's gone out the window?

You bring up a great point.  Shorter counts helped build the foundation of longer matches.  It should be brought back.

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