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By Dave Scherer on 2019-03-27 10:00:00

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So WWE finally announced the women will main event WrestleMania.  Do you think that is why Vince forced Charlotte into a match that should have just been Becky vs. Ronda?

Only he knows for sure but that is probably not the case.  The decision was just made on Monday for the women to main event Mania, so if it was the plan to do that all along, they wouldn’t have had to just make the decision.  No, I think it’s more Vince’s affinity for Charlotte and it goes back to the match originally being projected as Charlotte vs. Ronda before Becky rose up in the fans’ eyes.  At that point I think Vince said THREE WAY, rather than changing course and saying to Charlotte that he was sorry, but things changed and it has to be Becky in the spot now.  I think it was a mistake but as I say all the time, he doesn’t care what I think.

And if you think that was the reason Charlotte was added, are you glad that they are main eventing so Vince won’t have to mess up a great singles match again in the future?

Let’s be honest, if Vince wants to, as you said, mess up the booking, he can do it.  Anytime he wants to.

What will you be watching on April 6, ROH/New Japan or the Hall Of Fame?

I will be watching ROH/New Japan. I enjoy the HOF every year but it’s not a wrestling show, it’s an event.  I can watch that after the fact.  I want to watch the wrestling show in real time.  Plus, it’s such a historic event there’s no way I would miss it.

Wrestlemania scenario. Rhonda pins Becky clean. How is the crowd reaction both at the show and the next night?

Remember what happened on the Raw after Roman Reigns beat The Undertaker?  I think it would be similar.  Very similar.

Is it me or is the build and matches for Wrestlemania seem like they are phoning it in?  I was all about seeing Rousey vs. Lynch.  Then they include Flair.  The annual Lesnar sighting also seems to be lacking any kind of push as well.  Am I wrong or does this years Wrestlemania seem like a throw away PPV?

We have been saying the same exact thing on audio for weeks.  The build, or lack thereof, for this year’s Mania makes it seem like a B PPV.  I feel really bad for the people that bought the tickets without a show being announced.  It makes me wonder if some of them will do the same thing next year.

Matt M sent this. … Regarding the question about why the champs don't pin each other in a triple threat tag and leave:

Many, many years ago, there was a multi tag team match on Raw when the New Age Outlaws were champs. They did this exact finish and from then on, the commentators would always reference the Outlaw Rule and that you couldn't pin your partner.

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