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By Mike Johnson on 2019-03-25 12:09:00

The decision to go with the Raw Women's Championship main event is being seen internally as a major victory for the women's division and for everyone involved in that storyline.  We are told it was down to the wire between that match and Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins closing the show.

Dave Bautista is not slated to be at tonight's Monday Night Raw live.  Next week, they are in his hometown of Washington, DC, so we'll see if he appears there.

The new building that WWE will be moving their Global Headquarters to is the former home of financial company UBS.  When UBS operated out of the building, it featured the biggest trading floor in the world, so there will be a TON of space for WWE there.  One person joked to me that Titan Tower had a gym, but the new HQ could have its own Performance Center.  We are told the new building is located in a more central location in Downtown Stamford.  For those traveling there via train, the new HQ will be a short walk from the Stamford train station, where before WWE had a shuttle service to transport employees to the Tower and their production building. 

We seem to be getting asked why this is happening a lot over the last week.  The company had pretty much outgrown the existing Titan Tower and they were housing different departments, including production, in three different locations, to the point they needed to shuttle employees around and even, at times, have a crossing guard to oversee them going from one place to another.  It wasn't conducive for the company to keep operating this way, no matter how nostalgic some are for the Tower.  While leaving Titan Tower is being seen as a huge departure and the end of an era, as there is a lot of fondness for the building, the bottom line is that the current-day global company that is WWE needed something that could better house them better.    The new building is a big part of the Stamford skyline and will provide WWE with huge brand awareness once they move in and showcase is as the new WWE HQ as well.  It's all being seen as a big step forward.

As we noted, the new HQ will provide a TON more space and will allow the company, as they shift to the new location to build a better technological infrastructure for their HQ.  It will allow everything under the company's umbrella to be under one roof, which if you're Vince McMahon, will make it a lot easier to oversee everything.  We've also heard from a few sources that there is even talk about housing Alpha Entertainment/The XFL in the new building as well, although that's a decision that has not yet been 100% made.   

WWE intends to sell the current "Titan Tower" facility.  We've had a few people ask if it's possible it could be converted into a WWE Hall of Fame or museum, but I don't think logistically or financially, that's going to be a realistic idea.  The Tower had been used numerous times over the years for angles, such as Steve Austin's vignettes where he "took over" the company, the Raw opening filmed on the roof of the facility, the infamous WWF "Get it?" SuperBowl commercial and the episode from the Tower after a blizzard shut down the State of Connecticut.

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