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By Dave Scherer on 2019-03-26 10:00:00

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I was part of a discussion recently about Sexy Star. Someone asked where she was and I was telling him what happened. As I was writing, I had a thought. She was blackballed for intentionally hurting another wrestler. But looking at wrestling history,  the same thing has been done by others, including Hall of Famers.

I think the difference here was the intent, as well as the actions.  Star just went bats*** and when someone shows that they are unstable, then you never can trust them.  In other cases, some stiff shots were done to send a message or similar reasons.  Often they were done at the behest of the promoter.  When someone just goes off and shoots for no good reason, no smart promoter can trust them.  You can use someone you don’t have trust in.

Any word on if/who the WWE Hall of Fame inducters will be?

As of Saturday, nope!

Did the WWE's Four Horsewomen as well as the ascension of Triple H and Stephanie kill the term "WWE Diva" or were there other factors?

Yes, they did.  All of the above.  H and Steph read the lay of the land and brought WWE into the 21st Century.

I was watching the horrid spit fest between Sami Callihan and Rich Swann on Impact, and was wondering what the grossest thing you've seen in wrestling is. I always hated the snot bombs, and one time at a live show many years ago saw Cactus Jack spit a giant loogy in the air and catch it in his mouth on the way down.

For me, it was probably the end of the Terry Funk-Sabu barbed wire match.  They were literally so entangled in the metal that the match had to end.  They couldn’t get apart from each other.  That was really gross.

I’m totally confused. Shouldn’t Vince McMahon actually be a face to Daniel Bryan’s heel? Daniel Bryan is blasting corporate greed and hot dogs, t-shirts, etc., which is essentially ways in which Vince McMahon makes money. Yes, it adds to Bryan’s heel turn to be a hypocrite, but the best heels are sometimes the ones who are telling the truth no one wants to hear. McMahon didn’t think Bryan could be the face of the WWE because he had a “goat face,” or whatever. But not much has changed. In fact, Bryan’s character is now an environmentalist, which McMahon should hate even more. It makes no sense. Kofi Kingston should be used as proof of the new fan-first initiative. They could have had McMahon be behind Kofi’s push, which would have made more sense to me. The only thing about having McMahon involved in the storyline is that it elevates the Smackdown title’s importance from a storyline perspective. But it’s actually very poorly planned out. The McMahons do not always have to play the heel. They really missed an opportunity here. 

You can also add in that it makes no sense that Vince is holding back Kofi against the original guy he held back and said was a B+ guy.  Logic doesn’t really have a place in Vince’s booking.  It’s a shame.

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