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By Dave Scherer on 2019-03-24 10:00:00

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A string of bad creative decisions has taken the steam out of just about every major angle going into Wrestlemania.  Given that there is still several weeks of TV to go until Mania, how do they bring us (the audience) back in order to get back some of the steam they have lost and gain the most momentum heading into Mania?  Given all that's happened with the booking, will all will be forgiven if the matches at Wrestlemania end with the desired results, ie. Becky going over Ronda clean, Kofi over Bryan, changing Angle's opponent, etc.  

They only have two weeks left to get us interested, not several!  With that said, I don’t know what they can really do to reverse the damage at this point.  Momentum is hard to get going and even harder to get back.  It could be at the end of Mania I am saying, “It was a good show”.  But the flip side is, I have heard from a lot of people that said they won’t even be watching now, given how bad the build has been.  So in their case, if they are not watching, they can’t be swayed by the show’s quality.

For a few months, I’ve been under the impression that “Team Bestie” would face Sasha/Bayley at WM35. But apparently not. Were they never considered, or did a deal fall apart?? I can tell you that as of mid January “Team Bestie” has been signed to appear at WrestleCon the Fri/Sat before WM35. So, at that point, if a match was in the works, it doesn’t seem like they knew about it.

I think if Trish and Lita wanted that match, they would have probably gotten it.  I was never told it was it a done deal at any time.  It was more of a fantasy match. 

Randy Orton and Kofi had a well documented heat during their original program. Famous moment is Randy screaming at Kofi during their match after Kofi forgot a spot. Randy is seen screaming “Stupid” at him. Last night during gauntlet match within first 3 min Orton was beating on Kofi and screamed “stupid” at him once again. It had a feeling as this time it was more of a rib and play off the original shoot moment. What do you think? Is there existing heat between the two or was Randy just working internet? 

Randy loves to rib the online fans.  Kofi has paid his dues and is respected in the locker room.

Do you see a day when WWN will be on the WWE Network?

It’s kind of hard since they air PPVs on WWN.  If WWE did a tier then I could see it maybe happening, with WWE paying them a set fee for their shows, which would allow them to drop the PPV aspect.  But beyond that?  Probably not unless WWE buys it. 

Being that WWE usually has a few matches they call main events, what are the odds Seth and Brock close the show and Becky, Ronda, Charlotte goes before them?

It has been rumored all along that the women would close the show.  That may be why Charlotte was added, even though most fans would rather see Becky vs. Ronda. My hunch is it will go on last but if Seth is going to beat Brock?  They have taken so much of my interest out of the Women’s match that I would rather see the Universal Title match go last.  

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