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By Mike Johnson on 2019-03-22 10:00:00

Is there any update on Shane Strickland?

None.  He is still WWE bound (as we have reported for months) and is expected to report to the WWE Performance Center this spring.

Any word when DJ Z will debut for WWE?

I was told he is expected to report to the Performance Center by this May.

What was the worst/scariest injury you've seen live?

The worst injury I've personally seen was easily an ECW student named Kareem who was making his debut and slipped off the top rope and broke his leg during an angle that was edited to remove 99% of his appearance in 1996 or 1997. The crack scared the hell out of me, it was so loud. I felt awful for the guy as he was laying in the ring as the angle was ongoing, especially when Sandman caned him as he was down on the mat.  He broke his leg and then got caned.  That’s wrong on every level.

Another that I recall being really scared by was seeing Chris Daniels' rib literally dislocate and pop back into place during a match against Doug Williams in ROH in 2002. I nearly lost my lunch seeing that five feet in front of me. Thankfully, Daniels was OK.

What happens if a blizzard hits MetLife Stadium the day of Wrestlemania 35?

Unless the government shuts down the State of New Jersey, that show is going to take place no matter how inclement the weather may be.  WWE has a specially designed ring that pumps heat out of the ring posts so talents will be working in a heated ring no matter the temperature and the ring will be covered from the elements as well, so trust me, that show will take place whether there is rain, sleet, snow or locusts.

How do you think the Kofi Kingston storyline ends?

Unless WWE has completely lost their minds, it ends with Kofi being celebrated as the new WWE Champion.

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