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By Mike Johnson on 2019-03-21 15:47:00

Allie's last appearance for Impact Wrestling will air on tomorrow's episode of Impact and she will not be appearing at this weekend's TV tapings.  Impact Wrestling informed her in January that they would not be renewing her deal and that she would be finishing up at their last set of TV tapings in Las Vegas.  We are told that it was just a decision made to refresh the roster and she was genuinely well liked.  There were quite a few people from Impact who praised her work to me today, especially her attitude from the last set of TV tapings as she showed up and worked hard and had a great attitude towards everyone despite being put into a difficult situation where she knew she was done.  We are also told that Allie kept the fact she was finishing up to herself and no one on the roster was really aware of it until today's AEW signing announcement.  At one point, she was one of the hottest characters in Impact, so it should be interesting to see what AEW plans to do with her.

Chris Sabin will be working as a Producer/Agent at this weekend's Impact Wrestling tapings.  The former Impact Champion's Ring of Honor deal has expired and he did not sign a new deal.  Sabin still has yet to have surgery on his torn ACL.

Lance Storm will also be working as a producer this weekend in Windsor.  D'Lo Brown and Paul London worked in similar roles at the last Las Vegas taping.  We are told that the company is working on finding the right mix of producer to replace Sonjay Dutt and Abyss and will be trying different producers before settling into a decision on permanent replacements.

Petey Williams, who had been working behind the scenes of late, is wrestling on this weekend's tapings.  He actually graduated from St. Clair College, where the tapings are taking place.

Both of this weekend's TV tapings are now announced as sold out.

This happened at the onset of 2019, but Panda Energy, the former backers and parent company of Impact Wrestling, shuttered operations and was in the process of being sold off.  So, the Carter family has moved on from that investment.  It is believed that this had been a plan for some time and was one of the reasons they divested themselves from backing Impact Wrestling several years ago.  Impact Wrestling was spun off under Dixie Carter's Impact Ventures LLC until Anthem called in debts Carter had accrued, allowing them to take over the company.  Panda Energy had assets worth $7.8 million when it shut down.  Panda Energy's website is still active as of this writing.  There is an entity titled Panda Power Funds, which appears to be connected to what was Panda Energy, but we are not 100% sure on that.

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