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By Mike Johnson on 2019-03-21 10:00:00

Has there been any word on where Double or Nothing will air?

No announcement has been made.  One would think the company’s priority is locking in their potential TV partner.  Once that is done, they can make a decision on how to distribute the event via PPV and who those distribution partners will be.  Given the fact that UFC has departed traditional PPV, one would think InDemand and other companies will be more than happy to find someone new to work with!

I was wondering what your favorite WWE Hall of Fame speeches have been?  What was the worst?

My all-time favorite is Ric Flair.  I felt like that was one of the most honest and emotional speeches ever and really, sincerely loved it.  Bobby Heenan’s speech was entertaining and heart-felt.  I also remember loving The Ultimate Warrior’s speech.  I don’t really want to start rating speeches because you are talking about a moment where someone is reflecting on their career and not everyone wants to open up and talk for long periods of time or has the amount of time that they should have to discuss their career (See: The Funk Brothers).  To me, these are all really unique, electic personalities who gave of their time and bodies for something they loved to do and to feed their families.  I’ve never felt a speech “sucked.”  I do, however, still to do this day, wish WWE had let Mr. T finish his speech!

Do you think WWE could turn Titan Tower into a WWE Hall of Fame/Museum?

That’s a damn interesting idea.  I don’t know that WWE would be interested in doing that, as I don’t think they’ll want to put the type of money needed into renovating and setting up such a destination in Stamford, but from a historical perspective, it’s a pretty cool idea.  I just don’t see it being a realistic one.  My guess is that if and when we get a Hall of Fame/Museum, it will be in a heavily trafficked tourist area.

What is the story behind the women's title match at Wrestlemania 20 between the then champion Victoria defending her title against Molly Holly (Nora Greenwald) with the stipulation that, if Molly lost, which she did, she would have her head shaved bald?

The story was pretty simple. Greenwald pitched the idea and WWE managemenet went with it. It was something she thought the fans would enjoy and she was right.

Why isn't Hornswoggle going into the WWE Hall of Fame with DX?

He was part of DX as their mascot, so to speak, for a short period of time.  I think if and when he goes in, it will be on his own for the complete length of his run, not as part of a group.

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