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By Dave Scherer on 2019-03-19 10:00:00

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Do you think that the Raw Women's championship is a triple threat solely to protect Ronda? Aside from a tag team bout (in which her partner are the loss) she's been undefeated. By making Wrestlemania a triple threat it allows Becky to beat Charlotte and lets Ronda walk off with her record in tact until a new deal is struck.

I am hoping that is not the case.  I am hoping that Charlotte is in it because Vince McMahon thinks that will make the match more important.  If Ronda loses the Title without being pinned I think WWE is making a huge mistake.

I was wondering about the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  WWE changed the FU to Attitude Adjustment when they went PG. But I found out recently (through Urban Dictionary) what Five Knuckle Shuffle meant. Was this something WWE overlooked or aren't aware of what it means?

It was more a case of them not going PG yet!  Taz and Michael Cole made a lot of off color references back then.  I can remember them saying Dirty Sanchez for a good month.  I had no idea what it even was!

How come in triple threat tag team matches the champs don’t just tag in and pin each other?

Well, other than it being against the rules, even though one guy won the match, the other would have lost.  How do you handle that?

With Wrestlemania fast approaching what’s the current plan if there is one for AJ Styles?

He gets to go with Randy Orton!

Per Dave Meltzer, from one of the Ultimate Warrior’s lawsuits, it was revealed he was supposed to get the WWF Championship in late ’92 from Ric Flair, possibly even turn heel, and then lose the title to Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 9 in an epic “passing of the torch” moment. Also, Warrior was also supposed to be guaranteed major appearances on PPV’s all the way to Wrestlemania X, when that contract concluded. Then, for his ’96 return, it was alleged Warrior was supposed to get the WWF Championship at some point in this run, but when he had a falling out over no-shows and comic books, Sid took his spot as champion into mid-'97.  As a HUGE Ultimate Warrior mark, I always wondered what might have been. Was he indeed slated for 2 more WWF Championship reigns until his inevitable abrupt departures? Finally, even though Warrior’s legacy is still well-regarded and well-know to this day, do you think if the ’92 & ’96 runs featured him regaining the WWF Championship came to pass, his legacy would have been elevated to an all-time great status? Or, do you feel his current legacy as is, with all the mystery and backstage controversy attached to him, actually made him more memorable than 2 additional WWF Championship reigns would have? 

I honestly don’t remember what the talked about plans were back then and I am not the historian Dave is (simply because I prefer to look at the now and future as opposed to the past) so I will go with what he says there.  I don’t think more Title runs would have enhanced the way he was remembered to most people.  He was a polarizing figure and I thing most, if not all, people formed their opinion on him off his body of work.  There was enough of it that we call could get a good take on him from what he did in the WWF.

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