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By Dave Scherer on 2019-03-17 10:00:00

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You credit Paul Heyman with the Ronda/Becky storyline but in my mind it’s been a complete mess apart from the in ring confrontations. Is he responsible for all of it? Is Vince McMahon dictating overall direction and Heyman making the best of bad direction and looking after the in ring stuff? Is Becky actually injured because the crutch is annoying? I was so excited for one on one Becky v Ronda. Now I’m blah.

Vince McMahon is ALWAYS the final say on booking, good or bad.  What people like Heyman can do is make suggestions, work on nuances and, in some cases, do the best that they can with what Vince decided he wants.  I am with you, I wanted a singles match too.  I accepted it would be a three way, but if Becky went in strong I could have been OK with it.  But the booking has been terrible and they have taken something I was really excited for and made me just as blah as you are.  It’s sad.

What is the point of the brand split at this time? As Dave has mentioned, 2 SDown talents were wrestling in a Raw title match. Shelton Benjamin, a SDown talent, shows up on RAW for no reason. Kevin Owens and M. Hardy return from injuries and appear on SDown w/ no explanation. Can’t we just get a little logic or at least some type of explanation? I know this is all Vince but logically shouldn’t the announcers question these things when they happen? I know this is a separate question but didnt KO attack and leave Vince laying last time he saw him on SDown? Why would Vince give him a title shot for no reason? 

It sure would be nice and get explanations in the storytelling but the company often doesn’t feel the need to do that.  In some cases, it would be hard to explain something that makes no sense but still, it should one done.  Or, at least attempted.  I made that same exact point about Owens.  If I were any other wrestler that wants a Title shot, I would go out and bloody up the owner since it worked for Owens right?  Man, continuity is not their strong point.

About this weird situation with an allegedly leaving but undefeated Rousey against the white hot Becky Lynch: the thing is, I'm following them both on Twitter and I'm already feeling some exchanges are really harsh to say the least. Now the logical move would be for Becky to defeat Ronda, sure. But given that Rousey already left UFC after 2 devastating losses, wouldn't another "loss & quit" situation look really bad on her and be used by Becky for a SICK burn ? Do you thing WWE would even consider that before giving the nod?

First, I am hoping Becky beats Ronda.  I could see them having Becky beat Charlotte instead since, well, their history with letting former UFC champions get over at the expense of their wrestlers is pretty easy to follow if you look at Brock Lesnar.  But if they do the right thing, Becky should beat Ronda.  If that happens, they should just let Ronda go away if that is what she is going to do.  Maybe they do an angle where Becky “breaks her arm”.  The one thing they shouldn’t do is make her look like a quitter after her first loss.

What do you think the chances are Beth Phoenix eventually replaces Corey Graves on commentary for SmackDown, leading up to, or as it moves to Fox?  Or is she only ever going to be used on commentary for special events?

Personally, I would love it.  Graves is a bit overexposed now and hasn’t been firing on all cylinders lately.  His gushing over Mandy Rose is downright creepy and adds nothing to the show.  I could see why they put him on the show when Tom Phillips got called up, but Phillips is a pro and doesn’t need his former NXT sidekick.  I also think Beth does a great job.  I don’t know what the chances are but I would love to see her on Smackdown’s commentary team.

Does anyone know what the WWE's contingency plan would be if right before, or during, WrestleMania a line of thunderstorms would move in, causing them to put the show on hold/evacuate the stadium, for any length of time?  What would happen if they couldn't get it in that night, due to storms?

If they are bad enough, they would have to wait it out, like football teams due.  The show would just run longer, unless the storms did not abate.  That’s the chance they take doing the show outdoors.

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