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By Mike Johnson on 2019-03-15 21:01:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing Ring of Honor 17th Anniversary PPV coverage from Las Vegas as SamsTown Casino.

The PPV opened with a video feature on Matt Taven going for the ROH title against Jay Lethal.

The announce team is Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman and NWA Champion Nick Aldis.  Colt Cabana is over touring for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Marty Scurll vs. Kenny King.

King was accompanied by someone dressed like Scurll, doing his mannerisms.  

Marty sent King to the floor, where he nailed a superkick off the apron, then superkicked the Marty impersonator as well.  They exchanged chops in the corner.  Scurll gained the early control but was caught with a twisting kick to the head.  King nailed a springboard off the ropes into a Blockbuster for a two count.  King pulled him up into a Fireman’s Carry into a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count.

King worked over Scurll’s mid-section, then nailed a Beel toss before playing to the camera.  King locked in a kneedrop and cinched in a chinlock, trying to wear Scurll down.   He drove Scurll over his knee with a backbreaker and continued to work him over on the mat.  King sent Marty to the floor but missed a pescado.  Scurll hit a tornado DDT off the apron to the floor.

Scurll rolled King back into the ring and nailed him with a series of right hands.  Scurll nailed a clothesline and played to the crowd.    King went for a full nelson but Scurll escaped and reversed.  King reversed as well but was caught in a half Dragon suplex then a Villain-bomb for a two count.  Scurll unleashed a series of offensive maneuvers and scored several two counts.

King used a legsweep and kicked Scurll in the mid-section, scoring a two count.  King started jawing with the crowd, which allowed Scurll the change to reverse an Irish whip.  King caught him and nailed a spinebuster for a two count.   Scurll had enough and slapped him.  They went into a series of reversals and two counts but it didn’t have the intensity you’d expect.  Scurll finally nailed a superkick and went to snap King’s fingers.  King used a kick to escape and they battled to ringside.  King hit a move off the apron, taking down Scurll.

Scurll was tossed into the ring but was cut off King on the top.  He nailed a superplex but pulled up King at the one count and nailed a Royal Flush.   They battled back to the floor, where King placed Scurll in a chair and chopped away at him.  King tried to bring the chair into the ring but referee Paul Turner stopped him.  While Turner was removing the chair, Scurll nailed King with his umbrella and scored the pin.

Your winner, Marty Scurll!

This was OK.  They had some nice moments but it didn’t feel like it got out of first gear.  Scurll has obviously been working on tightening his physique and it shows.  There was never really any doubt who was going to win here, which took away from the drama.  King worked really hard and is underrated as a heel.

ROH TV Champion Jeff Cobb vs. Shane Taylor.

Taylor was jaw-jacking before the bell and Cobb went right after him at the bell.  They began brawling and Taylor nailed a big side suplex on The Champ, who popped right back up.  They went blow for blow until Cobb nailed a back suplex on Taylor, who also rose to his feet.  Nice opening moments!

The crowd chanted for Cobb as they went at it, trying to manhandle the other without success.  Cobb leapfrogged Taylor and drilled him with a dropkick.    Taylor rebounded with a Pounce that rocked Cobb.  Taylor whipped him hard into the buckles.  Cobb went down on his knees, where he was beaten with chops.  The announcers put over Taylor hard for taking the fight so hard to Cobb.

Cobb fired back with chops and a headbutt.    He fired against Taylor with uppercuts.  Cobb beat him with a forearm over the chest.  Taylor fired back but was knocked to the floor.    Cobb followed but was nailed.  Taylor hit a flip off the apron onto Cobb.   Taylor missed a cannonball in the corner.   

They met in the center of the ring, chopping away at each other.  Cobb grabbed Taylor for a Pumphandle suplex and nailed it.  Given Taylor’s size, that looked damn impressive.  The crowd popped big for it.  Taylor was covered but kicked up at the last second. 

Taylor caught Cobb going for a kick, sent him down to the mat and nailed a running knee strike for a two count.  Taylor went for a back suplex but Cobb reversed.  Cobb went for a right hand but Taylor rocked him first.  They exchanged clotheslines with Cobb scoring a harsh one that wiped out Taylor.  The momentum took Cobb out of the ring to the floor.

Taylor rose to his feet and Cobb climbed back into the ring.  They went nose to nose, battling with strikes and chops.    Taylor tried to slam Cobb who escaped and nailed a big uppercut in the corner.  Taylor went to the top but was caught with a dropkick while on the ropes.  Cobb set up for a superplex.  Taylor fought him off but Cobb caught him and slammed him across the ring for a two count.  Cobb nailed a standing moonsault press for a two count.

Taylor regained control and nailed a Judo Toss.  He went to the top and nailed a splash off the ropes for a two count.  Cobb slapped him hard and nailed a back suplex with a bridge for a close two count.  Taylor came back to nail a clothesline that sent Cobb inside out, then drilled him with a Canadian Destroyer for a close two count.

Cobb caught Taylor out of nowhere with Tour of the Islands but Taylor rose before Cobb could score a pinfall attempt.  Cobb nailed another and scored the pin.

Your winner and still ROH TV Champion, Jeff Cobb!

This was an entertaining big man’s match as they really took it to each other and pulled out some moves that realistically, they shouldn’t be “able” to do at their size.  Cobb is a hell of a hand and Taylor really worked hard here.  He’s really tried to improve over the last year and you could see that shining through here.  This may have gone a little too long but the intensity here was a lot of fun.

Women of Honor Champion Mayu Iwatani vs. Kelly Klein.

Klein gained control early against Iwatani, working her over in the corner.  They noted that Iwatani has a damaged ligament in her knee.  Klein took her to the mat and drilled her with a series of forearms.  Iwatani made a comeback with a pair of Slingblades.

Klein nailed a strike to the mid-section but Iwatani nailed several kicks and took her to the mat for a two count.  Iwatani stepped over her and came off the ropes with a double stomp.  Iwatani covered the challenger for another near fall.  She nailed a superkick to Klein’s face.  She dared Klein to strike her and Kelly obliged.  Klein stomped away at her.  Tempers flared and they battled with forearms and punches.  Klein sent the Champion to the floor.

Iwatani, frustrated, nailed a back suplex but Klein responded by dropping the WOH Champion on the back of her head with a big back suplex.  They began scrapping on the mat.  Iwatani slammed Klein and nailed a moonsault off the ropes, then went for a second one, took too long and Klein pulled her knees up.

Klein nailed TKO variation for a two count.  It looked like it was going to be a three count but Iwatani got her shoulder up.  Klein nailed a clothesline.  Klein went to grab Iwatani but was snatched into a small package for a three count.

Your winner and still Women of Honor Champion, Mayu Iwatani!

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