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By Jack Irene on 2019-03-14 14:21:00

We open up the show with the usual Xplosion video intro with theme music, and Josh Mathews runs down the show as we go Around The Ring with Killer Kross, witness a classic match from Victory Road 2011 (oh no), and get ready for the weekly exclusive matchup, Rich Swann vs. Mike Micas.

Rich Swann vs. Mike Micas

This is a non-title match. I’m unfamiliar with the first man out, Mike Micas. He’s very well built, especially for these days. Don Callis notes that he looks like a guy Impact should sign, and begs someone to talk to management about it. The X-Division Champion is out next as Josh refers to him as the “No Limit Soldier” but he doesn’t look like Master P to me. The bell rings and the crowd is wishing Swann a happy birthday. Micas is disgusted. Collar and elbow tie up to kick things off and Micas shows off his power by launching Swann to the ropes. Huge german suplex attempt, but Swann flips over and lands on his feet, taunting the big man. Off the ropes goes the champ into a variation of a back body drop. Micas nails a standing shooting star press that he deems “immaculate”. Swann rolls to the outside before he can be pinned. Micas wishes him a happy birthday by suplexing him on the floor and yelling “immaculate” once more as we head to the commercial break. We come back with Micas cranking on Swann’s head. The crowd rallies behind the birthday boy as Swann fights back. He escapes with a back kick and a sunset flip, only to eat a dropkick. Micas sends him chest first into the buckle and shows off some dance moves of his own. He repeats this (minus the dance) and pins him for a near fall. Micas shows off some flashy strikes including a pump kick for another two count. Swann begins to fight back to the chorus of “Let’s Go Swann” chants. He leapfrogs Micas to send him to the outside and follows him with a flip to gain some momentum. Back in the ring, Swann nails a frog splash as the crowd literally sings the Happy Birthday song. Micas hits a nice standing Green Bay Plunge into a moonsault from the second rope for a near fall. Swann delivers a flurry of strikes to Micas for a two count, only to superkick him right back down and connect with the Phoenix Splash for the 1-2-3.

This was a solid match with the champion expectedly picking up the victory. The fresh face of the evening had a good look and showed some nice charisma as well. He was sloppy in some spots but overall showed good strength and X-Division level athleticism.

Around The Ring with Killer Kross

Early on, Josh seems to feel uncomfortable with Killer Kross. I don’t blame him. Kross enjoys classical music and new wave retro. He hates lyrics because of the way they form people to believe. Josh states that he enjoys Cardi B and does his best impression of her, which Kross wishes never happened. Kross discusses his relationship with Moose and how they share a love for money and violence. He also reveals that he owns a Jean Paul Gaultier sleeping bag. Kross reflects on his bare-knuckle fighting career and the science behind smart striking. Kross enjoys art and movies as well. He seems to be very in touch with art, which is extremely unsurprising. They wrap things up and we move onto the classic match of the evening.

AJ Styles vs. Matt Hardy

Styles comes out to “Get Ready To Fly” and his awesome shower. His opponent is “Cold Blooded” Matt Hardy, sporting braids as Ric Flair accompanies him. This match comes from quite possibly the most notable PPV in company history for all the wrong reasons, so let’s see how this one plays out. Styles gains control early on, as Hardy tries to run away from his strikes. Styles has the crowd behind him as he drives Hardy to the canvas, applying a headlock. Hardy sends him off only to eat the signature dropkick of the Phenomenal One. They go back and forth as AJ throws Matt to the outside and looks for a dive only for Flair to distract him, giving his opponent an opportunity to nail a brutal clothesline. Matt is sent through the ropes one more time, now being met with a moonsault off the second rope as we go to commercial. Matt launches Styles into the turnbuckle like a lawn dart. Hardy breaks the count at six to inflict more damage. He whips Styles towards the crowd, but he slides right underneath the guardrail and comes back over with the diving forearm. They go back and forth again, ending with Hardy sending Styles over with a German suplex into the corner. He sends him to the floor, and Flair helps him out by attacking Styles on the outside while Earl Hebner is distracted. Hardy jumps to a double underhook choke, forcing Styles to fall. Styles breaks the hold with a rope break after struggling to find an escape. Hardy maintains control by using the turnbuckles to his advantage once more with a Snake Eyes variation for a near fall. Flair locks in a testicular claw which Taz deems to be “5 on 2” and we enter another commercial break. Double clothesline followed by a jumping enziguiri from Styles to knock both men down. Styles starts coming back with a big spinning back kick followed by an Ushigoroshi for a two count. Big suplex into a standing neckbreaker from Styles for another two. He lines up for a high-risk move but Hardy gets up and nails a Side Effect for a two count of his own. He heads to the second rope and hits his patented elbow to the head. He stalks AJ for a Twist of Hate, which Styles counters into a backslide, and discus clothesline. Styles Clash attempt into an Alabama Slam for a very close near fall. Styles fails on a Stylin’ DDT but they both fall and he settles for a pin attempt. Hebner is distracted and Styles winds up with a two count. Flair eats a Pele Kick but Hardy hits a DDT and moonsault nearly sealing the victory. Twist of Hate thrown off with a huge Pele Kick. AJ goes high risk with a Spiral Tap and gets the three count as Flair awkwardly tries to stop it. 

This match was good and would’ve been better without the awkward interference towards the end. It was sloppy at times but they put forth a good effort in this match and it showed. There were some dull periods as commentary sounded unmotivated. With that being said, I would recommend this match.

The Impact Rewind is highlights from the fun Lucha Bros. vs. Rascalz match on Impact this week.



Overall this was a solid show. Nothing blew me out of the water, but three solid-good matches and a nice talking segment with one of the most interesting characters in the company. If you have an hour that you absolutely need to waste, check this out.

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