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By Mike Johnson on 2019-03-14 10:00:00

 I was wondering the best way to see the ROH show every week AND specifically the show at MSG. If I join Honor Club for the full $120 does that cover shows like this or do I have to pay extra on another app? On one hand they say "PLUS FREE STREAMING ACCESS TO ALL ROH PAY PER VIEWS!"  But then say "- 50% off all ROH Pay Per Views**"

If you join Honor Club at $120 for the annual fee, you get access to all ROH events that are streaming on that service (meaning house shows, traditional PPVs, etc.)  If you do the monthly sub, that gives you a 50% off access to any show that is airing on traditional PPV, such as G1 Supercard, their anniversary show, etc. but the house shows would still be included.

I was wondering why there was never any follow-up to Austin Aries walking out after Bound for Glory?

There was no follow-up because he legitimately walked out and was done with the company.

I came to the DIY party a little late. What is the deal with the emoji symbol and Johnny Gargano?

It was just a symbol that was used to brand and market Gargano.  It wasn't anything he used prior to WWE NXT.

How come there were no problems with Taz using the name "Taz" in ECW but when he went to  WWE, they added an extra z to his name? If it was a copyright issue, how did ECW get away with it? They've sold PPVs and DVDs advertising "Taz" for years.

WWE chose to add the extra Z.  Taz had been using the name in ECW without issue partially because ECW was so far under the radar at the time, it didn't matter. He also wasn't being marketed as a cartoon character.  It's OK to use the name in a different medium but if they wanted an animated version of Taz, it wouldn't have been allowed.  WWE wanted to protect themselves (and copyright the name themselves), so they used the extra letter.

How does Torrie Wilson get a  WWE Hall of Fame induction before Marlena, Molly, Victoria, Melina?

The same reason she received one before Velvet McIntyre.  WWE decided to put her in.  


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