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By Paul Jordan on 2019-03-14 09:33:00

This week's updates to the Highspots Wrestling Network streaming service:

Ego's Amigos Andrew Everett

On this episode of Ego's Amigos Ethan sits down with an actual giant, a skywalker, a man who does flips and sticks his tongue out, Andrew Everett. They talk wrestling for a minute and then they go into a whole lot of randomness. If Gabe was watching this he would probably rate it at 2 stars and that is being generous. The other guys would have paid $500 for that but you didn't and neither did we because we all are Amigos with Ethan. Everyone wants to know how cats and dogs would fair in a zombie apocalypse right? If so then your in the right place. Ego's Amigos!!!!!

Topics Discussed:

-Hurt Knees

-Red Oak Brewery

-CWF Mid-Atlantic

-Drew Galloway

-Andre the Giant

-Space Monkey the Ugly Bastard

and so much more!!!

PWX Rise of a Champion XIV

PWX Wrestling Presents Rise of a Champion XIV

March 10, 2019 | Cabarrus Arena, Concord, NC

Who is Mr. PWX? Match

John Skyler vs Ethan Case

Lethal Enforcers vs Nathan Cruz/Alexander James

Serpentico vs El Demon Azteca

PWX Tag Team Championship Ducks, Ladders, & Chairs Match

Revolt© vs The Ugly Ducklings

Pure Championship Match

Cam Carter vs Yahya

PWX iTV Championship Match

Darius Lockhart vs Lucky Ali

Special Attraction Match

Teddy Hart vs Saieve Al Sabah

Tag Team Turmoil

PWX World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match

Corey Hollis vs Slim J vs Elijah Evans©

GirlFight: Gender Wars 2

Girfight and Paradigm Pro Wrestling Present “Gender Wars 2”

Held Tuesday March 5th at The Arena in Jumpin’ Jeffersonville, IN.

Mikey VS Cassandra Golden

Freddie Hudson VS Charlie Kruel

Corey Storm VS Amazing Maria

Cole Raderick VS Alice Crowley

Johnathan Wolf VS Billie Starkz

Bradley Prescott IV VS Randi West

AJ Gray VS Aja Perera

Ace Austin VS Samatha Heights

Prime Cuts: Superstars & Legends

Hall of Famers, extreme icons & legendary figures in pop culture & wrestling alike. These stars have solidified their reputations through World Championships, PPV main events & decades of service in rings across the world. But if you think these heroes of yesterday and today are content on living off of their legacy or coasting through the rest of their careers, you’re wrong! PWO/PRIME Wrestling has played host to many legends, each of them endured among their toughest challenges of their independent wrestling careers! From wild no-rules brawls, to first-time tag team history, to pure wrestling classics, to some competing in their last ever nationally televised matches, history was made often when some of the most recognizable names in our industry were on the card!

Kevin Nash & Aaron Draven (w/Justin LaBar) vs. Brodie Lee (aka Luke Harper) & Marion Fontaine

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Marion Fontaine

Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart & Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. Matthew Justice & Morty Rackem

Tito Santana vs. Nickie Valentino

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake w/Greg Valentine vs. Brian Bender & Ernie Ballz

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. Mike Tolar

Rhino vs. Jason Bane

Raven’s Rules: Raven w/Aaron Maguire vs. Jason Bane

Al Snow vs. “Amazing” N8 Mattson

Raven & Matthew Justice vs. Krimson & Gory

Paul London vs. Johnny Gargano

Petey Williams vs. M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross

Zach Gowen vs. Marion Fontaine

Plus: Appearances by Wrestling Superstar Virgil and Men On A Mission's Oscar!

PRIME Cuts: Johnny Gargano Vol. 2 - Defining Moments

After several explosive and dramatic early battles that were a part of Johnny Gargano’s “Coming of Age” (as profiled in PRIME Cuts: Johnny Gargano Part 1), Johnny now found himself a rising star, a champion, and a target, all while still in his early 20s. With some of the wrestling world’s finest now zeroing in on him, Johnny had no choice but to dig deep and find the heart and desire that would soon become the staples of his battles. With the pride of representing his home promotion, in the city he has proudly called home his entire life, Johnny Gargano battled the world in matches and moments that would help shape his career moving forward. Watch Johnny Gargano grow from a young star just beginning to rise and hungry for respect into the magnetizing performer, leader, and standard-bearer who is beloved the world over and has truly earned the nickname “Johnny Wrestling”. These are the defining moments that made Johnny Gargano who he is today… these are his “PRIME Cuts”.

Johnny Gargano vs. Brodie Lee (aka Luke Harper)

Johnny Gargano vs. Paul London

Johnny Gargano vs. Rhino

Johnny Gargano vs. Jimmy Jacobs – In Two Memorable Matches!

Full Circle Three-Way Dance: Johnny Gargano vs. M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross vs. Josh Prohibition

Johnny Gargano vs. M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross

Johnny Gargano vs. Gregory Iron

Johnny Gargano vs. Marion Fontaine

Plus: Special interviews, video packages & more!

TCW Wipe Out 22-02-19

TCW World Championship

Suger Dunkerton vs Chuck Mambo

TCW Tag Team Championships

The Lion Kings vs Never Say Die

TCW Women's Championship

Rhio vs Chakara

TCW Open Championship

Roxxy vs Kanji

HT Drake vs Kafka

Crown of Thorns vs Crashboat

Boris Koslov vs Crown of Thorns

WAR Wrestling Presents Green With Envy 2019

Matt Taylor and his team were victorious at WAR 16, but Corruption isn't deterred from their quest of ridding WAR of Taylor.

Tonight, Matt Taylor will defend the WAR Wrestling championship against Dusty Dillinger in a 3 Stages of Hell Match.

Plus, Dustin Rayz makes his WAR Wrestling debut and Much More!


The Dirty Address the Fans

Cody Hawk w/ Ripper Blackhart vs. Mojo The Voodoo King

Shane Foster vs. Mysterious Movado

Loser Leaves WAR Match

Thrill and the City vs. No Shame Jimmy Shane

Paloma Starr w/ Cody Jones vs. Pretty Little Psycho Shawna Reed


Brandon Day & Craig Mitchell w/ Ripper Blackhart vs. The Dirty

Dustin Rayz vs. Jake Something


Cody Jones vs. Baddest Man Alive Aaron Williams



Dusty Dillinger w/ Ripper Blackhart vs. Darkstar Matt Taylor


On March 2, 2019, EWF presented Judgement in Forest City, NC. Matches were:

1. Chase Lovelace vs. Eric Nuff for the Mid-Atlantic Title

2. Revolution vs. Cruizer Lewis

3. Jamie Lee vs. Erik Anton

4. Mike Madden vs. Scotty Gash

5. Big Country and Little City vs. Ostgard and Dean Richards for the EWF Tag Team Titles

6. Austin Jordan and BB Naturalli vs. Derrick Driver and Myrick Moore with Perry James

PPW Go To Sleep

Friday, November 16th at the Jeffersonville Arena, Paradigm Pro Wrestling presents “Go To Sleep”!

This loaded card features NEW Paradigm Heavyweight Champion “The Truth” AJ Gray’s first defense of his title, the debut of high flying sensation Air Wolf, plus “Six Foot Swole, Big Match” Cole Radrick battles “Blood Sport” Lexus Montez in a Tap-Out or Knock-Out Only Match!

Many of your other PPW favorites will also be in action such as Tag Team Champions I.F.H.Y. (Johnathan Wolf and Shawn Kemp), The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch and Reed Bentley), “Hot Fire” Myron Reed, “The Ace of Spades” Ace Austin, “The One Man Militia” Matthew Justice, “The Bev” Bobby Beverly, and many more stars!

PPW The Black Album

Friday, December 21st at the Jeffersonville Arena, Paradigm Pro Wrestling presents “The BLACK ALBUM”!

This loaded card features Paradigm Heavyweight Champion “The Truth” AJ Gray, new PPW Tag Team Champions The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch and Reed Bentley), and Louisville’s own high-flyer “Hot Fire” Myron Reed!

Many of the top stars of independent pro wrestling will also be in action! Don’t miss Impact Wrestling and MLW Star “The Ace of Spades” Ace Austin, former WWE star “The One Man Militia” Matthew Justice, and former AIW Intense Champion “The Bev” Bobby Beverly! Plus Cole Radrick, Johnathan Wolf, Shawn Kemp, Kyle Maverick, Mikey and more of your PPW Favorites will be in action!

UWA Elite Setting The Standard 2019

Kenny Omega Shoot Interview

David Crocket Shoot Interview

NGW: Don't Call It A Comeback 2

Next Generation Wrestling presents “Don’t Call It A Comeback 2”

filmed live at the Newport National Guard Armory in Majestic Newport, Tennessee on March 10th, 2019.

Alex Taylor VS Shane Andrews

The Strattons Address The NGW Faithful

Kenji Brea w/ JB Hendu VS AJ Gray VS Ryan Dookie

NGW Tag Team Title Match

The Lynch Mob (c) VS The Boys VS Southern Bad Boys VS The Hendu Family

Menace VS Ultimo Dragon

Su Yung VS Veda Scott

Matt Cross VS Tajiri

NGW Championship Match

Shane Strickland (c) VS Shawn Hoodrich

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