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By Paul Jordan on 2019-03-12 13:41:00

Impact Wrestling officially announced they will be heading to Philadelphia's 2300 Arena for two days of TV tapings May 3, and 4. had broken that the promotion would be returning to the city of Brotherly Love last month.  Impact's official announcement:

This coming May, after United We Stand and after Rebellion, IMPACT Wrestling will be traveling to the World Famous 2300 Arena for 2 nights of IMPACT LIVE! This is your first chance to see your favorite Stars and Knockouts of IMPACT Wrestling in the same arena that made ECW a household name over 20 years ago. Tickets will be available Thursday, March 21st at 10AM ET at 2300Arena.Com.

What will happen when IMPACT Wrestling comes to Philadelphia in May? Don’t miss your chance to find out. The 2300 Arena is filled with rich history and promises to make more memories when IMPACT comes to town for the first time ever!

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