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By Mike Johnson on 2019-03-11 18:07:00

WWE announced today that former Impact Wrestling star Robert "Robbie E" Strauss, former MLW and EVOLVE personality Stokely Hathaway and Cal Bloom, the son of former WWF, WCW and AWA star Wayne Bloom have all signed with the company and began today at the WWE Performance Center.

Strauss, 35, is believed to have been signed back in January as he abruptly ended his podcast Why It Ended at that point.  He's a long-time veteran of the business and was a great utility played in TNA, where he worked in every role imagineable from comedy undercard to serious tag team performer.  Strauss appeared on the first season of The Rock's Titan Games as well and has done a great job of branding himself.

Hathaway has been a great throwback manager in recent years and has also been a strong proponent on how talents should use social media to better themselves.  He was a regular in MLW and EVOLVE in recent years and has always had a strong acumen for the business side of pro wrestling beyond performing.

Bloom received a WWE tryout last year.

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