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By Dave Scherer on 2019-03-13 10:00:00

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Does HOH still produce a weekly TV show on twitch?

No, they don't.  Tommy Dreamer still does Twitch Talks though.

Someone recently asked about favorite wrestling venues you never got a chance to visit, and it got me thinking on the flipside.  Is there any arena or venue that you’d say was the *worst* place you’ve watched a wrestling show for any reason?  For me, as great of a setting the Manhattan Center was for the original Raw & some ROH shows, one  time I was up in the balcony’s back row, and the near half of the ring was completely obstructed from view. 

Ordinarily I would mention venues like the one you did, with bad sight lines.  But in this case I will go with Camden High School in NJ because when the show ended half of the cars in the lot had been broken into and had the windows broken out.  Luckily, I didn’t drive to that one.

Did EC3 anger someone backstage?  Since his matches with Ambrose, he has been buried to Main Event and gets next to no TV time.  Alternatively, did he just fall victim to the callups of Ricochet, Black and DIY?

Man, I wish I knew what the problem was there.  For whatever reason Vince McMahon isn’t putting him on TV.  Vince complains that no one is over and he needs call ups, then doesn’t use them.  I don’t get it.  EC3 is such an obvious talent.  It’s almost criminal how he is being wasted.

Where in the world is the Big Show? He came back, teamed up with the Bar for a few weeks, and vanished! Did I miss the explanation?

He is at the point in his career where he is part time.  He comes and goes.  I haven’t heard that it’s anything more than that.

So the Vince McMahon school of booking would indicate, to get mainstream publicity, Ronda Rousey stands tall as the champion at the close of Mania after being in the first woman’s main event. Instead of the obvious storyline of Becky getting the win? Even rumours that just like Brock every year she will be leaving after Mania. Thoughts?

With talk that Ronda is taking time off after Mania?  You act like he continuously has put his top Title on a person that doesn’t regularly appear on TV.  Come on man!  Uh, yeah it wouldn’t shock me if that happened.  The obvious smart storyline is that Becky pins Ronda but as we have seen since the Rumble WWE does not seem to want to go with the obvious smart storyline here.  I hope they do the right thing and have Becky win but I wouldn’t bet five cents that it happens.

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